POK-M33AG6A Korea Xiao Xing glass fiber reinforced hydrolysis resistant

POK-M33AG6A Korea Xiao Xing glass fiber reinforced hydrolysis resistant
Origin:Made In Korea
Category:Chemicals / Plastic Materials
Label:Low temperature resi , Super wear resistanc , Acid alkali resistan
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Product Description

What is POK (POKETONE) ?

POK is a kind of engineering plastics with excellent comprehensive performance developed and produced by Korea xiaoxing group. It belongs to ketone materials and is a new type of green polymer material formed by the polymerization of CO, ethylene and propylene. 

POK is an engineering plastic with all main chains composed of carbon, which is of high crystallinity and strong crystalline structure, mainly with hydrolysis resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, fuel resistance and gas barrier performance.Divided into carbon monoxide and ethylene by alternating binary copolymerization of high strength fiber USES Copolymer (Copolymer) and used as engineering plastic USES additional acrylic polymer (Terpolymer) three yuan, a total of two kinds.


What products can POK materials be used to produce ?

Industrial products: binding belt, gear parts, mixer base, door and window pulley, industrial caster, industrial cutting half, support, battery seal ring, hydraulic seal sleeve.

Daily necessities: refrigerator door, seat CAM, overhead light lock, umbrella head, headphone head beam, etc.

Automotive applications: engine cover, antifreeze tank, fuel tank, fuel pipe, refueling neck, ECU shell, LED radiator, cylinder cover, radiator end slot.

Makeup package: cream jar shoulder lining, cream jar lining, lipstick stick leak proof, makeup bottle cap.

Applications of automotive external components: door stopper, refueling port, tire chain, car hub.

Home appliances: coffee machine internal parts, juicer internal parts, aromatherapy machine internal parts, sweeping robot internal parts, cervical vertebra massager elastic arm.

Barrier tube and packaging: barrier tube, tube cover, barrier bottle, personal care products, food packaging.

Electrical components: connectors and plugs, circuit breakers, cable boxes.

Water contact products: faucet parts, sprinkler parts, water pump parts, water meter parts, water purifier parts, mist valve.


What are the properties of POK materials ?

High impact strength: compared with Nylon, the impact strength of PBT was 230% higher.

Hydrolysis resistance: hydrolysis resistance, no formaldehyde precipitation, KTW, W270 water treatment safety certification, no water absorption, no deformation.It has high tensile strength and impact strength and high elongation under wet condition.

Excellent chemical resistance: acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance next to PPS.

Fuel resistance: after professional testing, POK fuel resistance is better than PA11, PA12.

High barrier property: hydrocarbon.The permeability test of unleaded gasoline at @93℃*15 days is superior to teflon, and the gas barrier is equivalent to EVOH.

Excellent friction performance: ordinary model wear resistance is 3 times of POM, with excellent low noise, wear resistance is 10 times of POM, almost no noise.

High productivity: high crystallinity of polyketone helps shorten the molding cycle.Production cycle is about two-fifths of PA66.

Green environmental protection: carbon monoxide synthesis, carbon monoxide is one of the main sources of atmospheric pollution;No harmful substances, such as formaldehyde.

Introduction to commonly used models of POK

M330A : General-purpose grade, injection grade, medium flow

M630A : General-purpose grade, extrusion grade, high viscosity

M330F : Food grade, injection grade, medium flow

M630F : Food grade, extrusion grade, high viscosity

M33AG6A-NP0 : 30% glass fiber reinforced, High rigidity

M63AS1B : Add silicone oil , High wear resistance

M33AT2E : 10%  PTFE , 2% Si , Maximum wear resistance

M33AF2Y : 94UL V0 , Halogen-free flame retardant grade

Price Terms:FOB Guangdong
Payment Terms:TT
Lead Time:3day
Standards Certificate:SGS REACH ROSH
specifications:The characteristics of product POKETONE:

We sell POK M330A in the flow, here we can understand how POKETONE is made up.

- high impact resistance

Compared with the original engineering plastics nylon and PBT, the impact resistance is more than 2.3 times.

- high chemical resistance

POKETONE is most resistant to chemicals in plastic materials.

In particular, the hydrolysis resistance is excellent, so there is almost no water induced physical change.

- high wear resistance

POKETONE has 14 times better wear resistance than POM, which is the strongest material in existence.

It belongs to semi permanent material without replacement of parts.

High barrier property: gas barrier property

POKETONE gas barrier is the best among existing polymer materials.

It is the same level as EVOH used for food packaging materials.

- high flame retardancy

When POKETONE combusts, ketone (C = O) reacts with hydrogen to form water ballast, which cuts off oxygen and heat, thus flame retardant.

Compared with nylon, the flame retardant content can be saved by 50% (base V0 grade).
Advantages:Supply wearable POK Korean star M330A instead of POM plus Teflon, nylon, PPO and other plastic raw materials.

Here we can see how POKETONE flows in POK M330A.

POKETONE is the only engineering plastics composed of carbon in the main chain. It has high crystallinity and strong crystalline structure, showing impact resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, fuel resistance and gas barrier performance.

High Strength Copolymer of Carbon Monoxide and Ethylene by Binary Alternating Copolymerization and Additional Use as Engineering Plastics

Three kinds of propylene copolymers (Terpolymer) are used in two species.
POK-M33AG6A Korea Xiao Xing glass fiber reinforced hydrolysis resistant 1POK-M33AG6A Korea Xiao Xing glass fiber reinforced hydrolysis resistant 2POK-M33AG6A Korea Xiao Xing glass fiber reinforced hydrolysis resistant 3POK-M33AG6A Korea Xiao Xing glass fiber reinforced hydrolysis resistant 4POK-M33AG6A Korea Xiao Xing glass fiber reinforced hydrolysis resistant 5

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