Hot Sale Industrial Fruit Dryer Price Machine Vegetable Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Hot Sale Industrial Fruit Dryer Price Machine Vegetable Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer
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Category:Industrial Supplies / Machinery / Drying Machine
Label:Freeze Dryer , Vacuum Freeze Dryer , Industrial Freeze Dr
Price: US $500 / pc
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Product Description

Hot Sale Industrial Fruit Dryer Price Machine Vegetable Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Introduction:
Freeze drying(lyophilization) works by freezing the material and then reduce the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water in the material sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase. so, freeze drying causes less damage to the substance than other dehydration methods using higher temperature.

HUAYU BROTHER® Freeze Dryer Features

Among all the freeze dryer(lyophilizer) provider in the industry, HUAYU BROTHER® provide you the most reliable and power saving freeze drying equipment with advanced technology, which could help you get better dried products quality with less power consumption.

Modular design, quick deliver, easy maintenance and install. 
Huayu Brother freeze dryer machine come with modular design, all branch system produce and install as individual, link together by high advanced PLC + touch screen +PC controller, benefit a lot whatever for produce, shipping, maintenance and install.

Most strict quality control system.
Our factory running totally under international concept like SGS, ISO, Huayu Brother also edit our own quality control system that from raw material, component, assembly till to machine test and packing.

Most reliable and super quality products.
With strict quality control and delicate design, produce, Our freeze dryer machine with very low failure rate help your plant stable and reliable running, indirect help you save running cost.

High automation level.
Adopt versatility PLC+Touch screen+PC control system, full automatic freeze drying process, in PC software or touch screen could all sides show entire machine working status as well as the freeze drying data online check or export.

Scientific design and power saving
From components model select, pipes or cables circuit till safety precautions, we consider more of reliable, beautiful, compact than just build a machine. our freeze dryer electric cost at least 30% lower than other brand.

Patent vapor guidance technology.
Our tens years' experience study and design the ice condenser with very high vapor condensing capacity, unique ice coils structure enable vapor uniform distribute and condensing to all coils surface, improve cold trap capacity and freeze drying speed.

Freeze Dryer Technical Parameters:

Model FD-60R
Shelf area 58.9sq.m
Named capacity 600kg/batch
Actual capacity 500kg to 800kg as per raw material features
Condenser capacity 750kg/24hr
She es 17+1
Shelf size 630*2950mm
Material tray size 610*710mm
Material tray quantity 136pcs
Trolleys 2sets
She es temp. RT to +120ºC
Condenser temp. -45ºC
Vacuum degree <15Pa
Power install 105kwh
Drying House Size 6900*3100*4000mm
Min Install size (W/O monorail) 18000*15000*5000mm
Voltage 380V/50-60Hz/3P
Design standard FDA, GB, CE

Freeze Dryer Features:

  1. Modular design, branch system flexible install as per your workshop layout
  2. AISI 304 drying chamber, Anodized aluminum shelf and material tray, high energy efficient and meet FDA standard.
  3. CFC-free, screw compressor system could cool ice condenser to -45ºC.
  4. Hollow she es with fluid filled, temperature raise by steam system, During sublimation shelf temperature could programming from RT to +120ºC with accuracy of ±1ºC.
  5. Both primary vacuum system and maintenance vacuum system adopt rotary vane + Roots pump system, System final vacuum <15Pa.
  6. Pneumatic system for va es quick open/close (vacuum pumping/condenser defrosting/vacuum release/inert gas charge).
  7. Monorail system introduction pneumatic turning.
  8. Vapor guidance technology and ice condenser design, strong guarantee ice condenser icing efficient and capacity.
  9. PLC+Touch Screen+PC control system.
  10. Hot water defrosting system.

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