Blue 3MM laboratory alkaline hazard universal absorbent cotton

Blue 3MM laboratory alkaline hazard universal absorbent cotton
Origin:Made In China
Category:Chemicals / Chemical Lab Supplies
Label:Blue hazard adsorpti , Blue hazard adsorpti , Blue hazard adsorpti
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Product Description

Jieyuan brand - chemical universal absorbent cotton, reliable quality, safe and efficient; "Jieyuan" leads and guides the environmental safety of enterprises. Light blue color is obvious, reminding employees to pay attention to the selection of dangerous liquid cleaning, oil absorption, water, solvent, acidic chemical solution, universal absorbent cotton, used in laboratories, chemical plants, chemical storage warehouses, chemical transport vehicles, etc.
Brand Item No. Product Name Size Tear Line Adsorption Quantity Quantity Package Size
Jieyuan CBR23890X Chemicals Lightweight Light Blue Adsorption Cotton 38*9000cm
15"*296' has 110 liters 1 roll / box 50*50*40CM
product description 
 Suitable for all kinds of liquids and hazardous chemicals;
 used in places involving hazardous chemicals and alkaline liquids;
 Nuclear power plants, laboratories and hospitals, chemical spill response devices;
 The high-density fiber structure with strong absorption can lock the liquid and does not overflow when lifted;
 Unique point design can increase the speed of absorption of liquid by the adsorption sheet, making cleaning easier;
 Light blue indicates that the product is intended for use in hazardous liquid cleaning;
 Used in places involving hazardous chemicals and acidic substances, research institutes, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, chemical plants, and hospitals.
 Use to prevent leakage, and lay a liquid-absorbent film on the site where leakage, dripping or spilling may occur. In case of leakage, the product will be directly absorbed and will not pollute the workplace;
 Place the liquid-absorbent film on the leaked oil in time after the leakage, and absorb the leak in an instant to prevent leakage and pollute the environment;
 The three-layer strong absorption polypropylene material with super durability is pressed by high heat to make the liquid absorption sheet become a strong liquid absorption sheet on the market. Even in the case of absorption saturation, there is anti-wear type liquid absorption. The sheet is also not easily torn, cracked, worn or left with fiber residue;
 The 45CM easy-to-tear line design helps users to tear open the required amount, thus reducing waste.
 Chemically inert, ideal for removing corrosive liquids.

Application: Suitable for oil absorption, coolant, solvent, water-based liquid, acid and alkali, sodium hydroxide, other unknown liquids.
Material characteristics; multi-purpose liquid-absorbent sheet; polypropylene material, anti-ultraviolet radiation, can be stored outdoors for a long time without aging, has excellent flame retardancy, will automatically extinguish within 0.2 seconds to -0.4 seconds after leaving the open flame after burning, Only oil absorption does not absorb water, even floating on the water surface after adsorption saturation.
Material index: melting point > 160 degrees Celsius, flash point (not suitable for flash point measurement). The ignition point is 357 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, it will burn, but after leaving the flame, it will automatically extinguish.
Product stability: Polypropylene itself is a very stable material with a certain degree of flame retardancy, but when the product is heated, it may become soft.

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