Electric water heater routine test beach

Electric water heater routine test beach
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Product Description

~The electric water heater routine test beach is mainly for detecting the performance indexes of the electric water heater before leaving factory; the test items include performance detection, pressure detection, flow detection, temperature detection, power consumption and power detection , etc.
control method:
The test bench adopts PLC (domestic famous brand and import are optional; domestic famous brand is "Xinjie", the import brand are"Siemens", "Mitsubishi", etc.). The operating method is displayed by an 8-inch touch screen .
Structure and feature:
The whole structure of the test bench is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. All the pipes are made of SUS304 stainless steel. The structural frame is made of aluminum alloy. The core components come from domestic famous brand or import, with accurate accuracy, stable performance, and the service life is more than twice that of the ordinary water storage type electric water heaters. It is an essential testing equipment for the water heater industry.
Functional requirements and performance indicators
Model DP-502A
The test bench is installed in vertical position, and the wall hanging position can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. It is mainly used for routine testing of quick-heating and storage-type electric water heaters under power-on conditions. The system is equipped with water circulation system, waterway booster and voltage regulator system with boost range 0 ~ 1.2MP (the voltage regulator system of shared performance testing);
The water pressure is adjustable. Each water inlet system is equipped with a water flow regulating pressure valve, ball valve. The pressure regulating valve is installed directly in front of the test bench for easy adjustment.
The multiple stations can be customized, and the pressure gauge, glass rotor flow meter, power and voltage are installed under the inlet pipe of each station, with sound and light alarm function;
Equipment for each station
Connector that is easy to plug in the power cord and safety protection;
The structural material frame consists of aluminum alloy and stainless steel profiles, and the pipes are made of stainless steel water pipes and sinks.
Equipment power supply: 220V/60Hz

Product power supply 0~400V, AC is adjustable ,voltage 60Hz
Power 6KW~8.5KW;
Parallel structure: water, gas, circuit and electric water heater type test corresponding pipeline is connected in parallel.
Safety protection device: The electric water heater routine tester is grounded, with abnormal alarm function such as short circuit, leakage, stop rotation, etc.

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