Water-soluble film

Water-soluble film
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Product Description

Manufacturers direct water soluble film


Water soluble plastic film (usually called water soluble film, alias: water soluble film, cold water film, PVA embroidery film, PVA film, cold water soluble film, etc.), its main component is PVA

(polyvinyl alcohol), which is a new type that is processed by a special process and can be degraded rapidly by tap water (water soluble film of different temperature levels has different requirements for degradation water temperature)

Environmentally friendly materials, it can be through natural factors, rapid self-denaturation, decomposition, degradation into low molecular compounds, and improve the role of the land.So it belongs to a new category

Environmentally friendly materials.In Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have been recognized by the environmental department.Because of its environmental characteristics, it has been widely valued by developed countries.Foreign pesticides, chemical industry,

Embroidery and other industries have been widely used water-soluble film its products.With the development and progress of the society, people pay more and more attention to protect the environment we live in, especially our country join in

After WTO, with the developed countries in the world, the environmental protection requirements are increasing, so the application prospects of water-soluble film in China must be very broad.


Product specifications:

Thickness: 0.025~0.08MM, normal 0.035,0.045 MM

Width: 500~2300MM. Normal 1000,1600,2000mm

Length: 100~1000M. Regular 200M,500M

Product appearance: embossed on the front and smooth on the back

Color: natural color, translucent, white, colored, etc. (black, red, yellow, white, blue, green, etc. Can be customized)



Characteristics of water-soluble film:

1. New environment-friendly material with water-soluble characteristics (water dissolution rate can be designed and selected, non-toxic and pollution-free)

2. Anti-static;

3. Rapid decomposition, low water and gas transmittance;

4. Thermal sealing property (resistance thermal sealing and high-frequency thermal sealing);

7. Resistance to oil and chemicals.


Water-soluble film application:

1. Inner packing bag of pesticides and chemical products can avoid touching pesticides and chemical products by hand. No pesticide residues are in the plastic bags;

2. Packaging bags of cement additives (silicon powder, etc.) to avoid dust flying in the air and harming the environment;

3. Embroidery, wigs and other fabric carriers to foil the carriers and facilitate cleaning;

4, artificial large stone demould film, water soluble film in the mold film pad, can quickly demould;

5. Surface printing (water transfer printing), which can be transferred to the surface after printing on the film;

6. Seed bags, pack the seeds at fixed intervals and bury them underground to save valuable seeds and save the busy thinning;

7. Hospital washing bag.Clothes that do not have to come into contact with contamination can also be washed;

8. Hot water soluble film is suitable for garment packaging;

9. Compound with other plastics, it can be used for food preservation packaging and air cushion bags.


Notes for use:

1. The dissolution rate depends on factors such as film thickness, water temperature, water quantity and fluidity. Generally speaking, the thicker the film is, the slower the dissolution rate is; the higher the water temperature is, the faster the dissolution rate is.

The larger the water volume, the faster the dissolution rate, the faster the water flow, the faster the dissolution rate;

2. When not in use, use it to seal and pack well, in case of moisture absorption and wrinkling;

3, the film has positive, negative, positive light, negative dark, use the best selection, when used in embroidery, negative downward effect is better.

4. The film is resistant to mineral oil, almost all oils and organic solvents, but to strong acids, strong bases, chlorine radicals and other substances that can react with the film

(such as borax, boric acid, certain dyes, etc.) should not be in contact with water-soluble film.


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