Square Shape Carbide Silicon Honeycomb Porous Foam Ceramic Filter for Casting

Square Shape Carbide Silicon Honeycomb Porous Foam Ceramic Filter for Casting
Model:Foam Ceramic
Origin:Made In China
Category:Metallurgy , Mining & Energy / Metallurgy & Mining / Non-metallic Mineral Products
Label:ceramic , ceramic foam filter , refractories
Price: US $3 / pc
Min. Order:10000 pc
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Product Description

A Brief Introduction

Ceramic foam filter is a special technology. It has a foam-like porous structure of ceramic products, and its light weight, chemical stability, large surface area through-hole rate, corrosion resistance, high strength, good thermal shock resistance characteristics. Divided into two shapes: round specifications, square specifications and weaving way: honeycomb.

Operating Principles

Ceramic foam filter with a high temperature, corrosion resistance, resistance to molten metal erosion, high strength, high pass rate, and the characteristics of the large surface area is mainly used in the field of metallurgy and casting metal liquid filtration and purification. The flow of a mixture of molten metal passes through foam ceramic porous structure becomes uniform smooth clean molten metal filled the mold to remove the molten steel in the fineness of micron inclusions and some parcels gas reduce the erosion of the sand mold, and reduce product obsolescence rate. Ceramic foam filters can be made of different pore size and porosity, in order to obtain satisfactory filtration effect.

Ceramic Foam Material
Ceramic foam filter, depending on the materials: alumina foam ceramic filters, silicon carbide ceramic foam filter, zirconia ceramic foam filter, and magnesium oxide foam ceramic filter.

1. Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter: 
In the bronze casting process, the use of silicon carbide ceramic foam    filter material is of SiC.

2. Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter:
Steel castings uses zirconia ceramic foam filters. Zirconia ceramic foam filters   material of ZrO2 zirconia. Zirconia heat-resistant temperature of the filter is higher than about 1760 ° C, with very high strength and excellent high-temperature impact.

3. Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter: 
Alumina ceramic foam filter products effectively remove solid-state mixed with the molten metal, so aluminum alloy can be successfully forged, aluminum foil manufacturing, extrusion processing technology, perfect aluminum products. 10ppi coarse porosity 70ppi of fine porosity range of options.

 Product specification

Foam ceramic material


Silicon Carbide

Zirconium Oxide


Alumina or aluminium alloy casting

Iron or iron alloy casting

Steel ,stainless steel and synthetic steel casting

Holes density (ppi)

10 to 50

10 to 45

10 to 30

Open porosity(%)




Working temperature (0C)




Thermal shock resistance (times/11000C)




Compressive strength (Mpa)



0.8 to 1.0

Bending strength (Mpa)



1.0 to 1.2

Dimension tolerance



Ceramic Foam Filter Size:
The size are available in square, round and custom geometric shapes; sizes ranging from 10mm up to 500mm, and thicknesses from 10-50mm. The most common porosities are 10ppi, 20ppi, 30ppi. Higher porosities are available upon request. Custom-made cut-to-size filters are also possible.

Common Size In Round Shape:
40x11mm, 40x15mm, 50x15mm, 50x22mm, 60x22mm,
70x22mm, 80x22mm , 90x22mm,100x22mm, 120x25mm 

Common Sizes In Square Shape:
37x37x12.5mm, 40x40x11mm, 40x40x13mm, 40x40x15mm, 50x50x13mm, 50x50x15mm, 50x50x22mm, 75x75x22mm, 50x75x22mm, 100x75x22mm, 100x100x22mm, 55x55x15mm, 150x150x22mm

Package: Hard Carton or Wooden Carton with Pallet

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