Hip Revision Instrument Set, Hip Reformation System,Hip Reformation Tool Kit

Hip Revision Instrument Set, Hip Reformation System,Hip Reformation Tool Kit
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Product Description

Hip Revision Instrumentation Set, Hip Reformation Surgical Kit, Hip Reformation Instrument System

HIP revision instrument set, also known as hip revision kit, is a collection of surgical instruments specifically designed for performing revision surgeries of the hip joint. Hip revision surgery is conducted to replace or repair a previously implanted hip prosthesis that may have worn out, become loose, or developed complications.

It includes the instruments below:

Implant Extractors: These tools are used to safely and carefully remove the existing hip prosthesis, including any cement or components that may be in place.

Hip Reamers: Reamers are used to prepare the bone to receive the new hip implant. They help shape the bone to fit the new prosthetic components.

Prosthesis Components: The set may include various components of the new hip implant, including the femoral stem, acetabular cup, and associated hardware.

Cement and Cementing Instruments: Some hip revision surgeries may involve the use of bone cement to secure the new implant components in place. Cementing instruments are used to mix and apply the cement.

Implant Positioning Guides: These guides help ensure proper placement and alignment of the new hip components.

Surgical Drills: Surgical drills are used for creating holes and channels in the bone to accommodate the implant components.

Bone Grafting Instruments: In cases where bone loss has occurred, bone grafts may be necessary. Instruments for bone grafting and bone graft materials may be included.

Sutures and Suturing Instruments: These are used for closing incisions after the surgical procedure.

X-ray Equipment: Imaging equipment may be included to help the surgeon visualize the placement and alignment of the new implant components during the surgery.

Sterilization Equipment: All instruments in the set must be properly sterilized before use to prevent infection.

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