SANP purging compound for blow film machine PE carbide cleaning & prevention

SANP purging compound for blow film machine PE carbide cleaning & prevention
Model:A 201
Brand:PlasE Clean
Origin:Made In China
Category:Chemicals / Plastic Materials
Label:purging compound , blow film machine , PE carbide cleaning
Price: US $1 / kg
Min. Order:100 kg
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SANP purging compound for blow film machine PE carbide cleaning & prevention


Do you have these troubles?

●When your machine stops for a while, then turn it on againdoes it produce a lot of carbon?

●When the two plastics switch to each other, will it mix colors?

●When the dark color switch to light color,Is it waste a lot of materials and time?

●Is the hot runner difficult to clean?

●When high-temperature materials and low-temperature materials switch to each other, does it produce a lot of carbon?

●Are there always some diffrent color lines when the extruder is cleaned?

●Is it difficult to clean carbon and color mixing of transparent products?

If you have these problems, please try our Plastic Purging Compound


Basic information:

●Name:Screw carbide cleaning material

●Mold: PlasE clean A 201

●Product shape: Granular

●cleaner applications: screw, barrel, nozzle, hot-runner and gate of molding machines

●Application condition: switch material and color,cleaning carbon,and prevent carbon.

●Suitable for material:  PE  PP  POM  PVC  EVA  PA  PEEK  LCP  PPS  PSU ......

●Temperature: 170-350

●Advantages: Can be used to clean hot runners and  precision dies

●Package: 25KG/bag

●Environmental performance: No smoke,environmental protection,meet food grade requirement



●Not foamingwithout abrasives, not damage the screw

●Suitable for cleaning hot runner. not block the hot runner

●Suitable for forming cleaning,using the robot and save labor

●Save time and clean Thoroughly

●Meet food grade requirements

●Easy to use, no smoke and no odor


Application equipments:

●Injection molding machine


●Blow Molding Machine

●Blow Bottle Machine

●Film Blowing Machine   

●Casting film Machines

●Laminating  film Machines


Cost comparison

●After a large number of case accumulations and calculating the cost,the following conclusions are obtained:

●Total cost is greatly reduced

●Short cleaning time and improved production efficiency

●Smoke-free, no smell, environmentally friendly

●Reduce labor intensity and clean thoroughly


Application industry

Widely used in Packaging, Electrical, Electronics, food, ,Medical, Life appliance, Motor-dom, Bottle cap / Preform Toy and so on



Cleaning Case

About us

The PlasE Clean series purging compound provided by SANP (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. not only reduces material waste caused by color change, and refueling of the thermoplastic machine by saving cleaning time and improving production efficiency, and also effectively prevents carbonization in the machines.

More importantly, the machines can be continuously and automatically cleaned with the purging compound, even when the screw is not soaked, with visible effect. The PlasE Clean purging compound is environmentally friendly during use, and contains no abrasive additives which means safe to apply in the barrel, screw and hot runner.


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