Sheet metal process

Sheet metal process
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In addition to the strict requirements for the quality of sheet metal parts in the production process, it is necessary to inspect the quality independently of the production. One is to strictly control the dimensions according to the drawings, and the other is to strictly control the appearance quality. It is allowed to be scratched and inspected for color difference, corrosion resistance, adhesion after spraying. In this way, it is possible to find errors in the unrolled drawings, bad habits in the manufacturing process, and errors in the manufacturing process, such as programming errors and mold errors.
⒈ Application
⒈1 This code is applicable to the cutting of other blanks with straight edges and other similar blanks.
⒈2 The basic thickness of the material to be cut is 0.5 to 6 mm, and the maximum width is 2500 mm.
⒉ Material
⒉1 The material should meet the technical requirements.
⒉2 The material is cold-rolled steel plate. No serious scratches, scratches, impurities, rust spots are allowed on the surface.
⒊ Equipment and process equipment, tools.
⒊1 board, pliers, oiler, screwdriver, hand hammer.
⒊2 Vernier caliper, outside micrometer, steel ruler, steel tape measure, square ruler, scribe needle.
⒋ Process preparation
⒋1 Familiar with the drawings and related process requirements, fully understand the geometry and size requirements of the parts being processed.
⒋2 Pick the material specifications according to the requirements of the drawing, and check whether the materials meet the requirements of the process.
⒋3 In order to reduce consumption and improve material utilization rate, it is necessary to reasonably calculate and adopt arbitrage method.
⒋4 Neatly stack qualified materials next to the machine.
⒋5 Fill the oil holes of the shears.
⒋6 Check whether the cutting blade is sharp and tight, and adjust the blade gap according to the thickness of the sheet

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