New Mini Ultrasound RF V Max Machine For Face Skin Tightening Lifting

New Mini Ultrasound RF V Max Machine For Face Skin Tightening Lifting
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1. What is the principle of radar v carving?
Radar V carving is a mechanical wave + radio frequency technology, a mechanical radar wave that directly acts on the SMAS fascia layer with non-invasive operation (non-invasive), uses the radar wave as an energy source, and uses its penetration and focusability The mechanical wave is focused on the SMAS layer of the human body, which can penetrate into the subcutaneous 3.0mm-4.5mm so that the temperature of the SMAS tissue can reach more than 65 ° C in 0.5-1 seconds, causing the collagen in the SMAS tissue to reorganize without damaging the normal tissue of the human skin , To tighten skin contours, repair damaged fibrous tissues, stimulate collagen cell regeneration, and quickly achieve the effect of thinning face and firming Q bombs.

1m RF (radio frequency) super introduction, mechanical wave (ultrasound knife) SMAS fascia lifting (facial shaping, firming lifting, wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation)

Rf: Speed ​​up skin metabolism, product introduction effect (heat and sensation during operation), mechanical wave is energy output, and it has a tingling feeling when it acts on the dermis layer

2. What is the effect of radar v carving?
Radar v-carving can cause the collagen of smas fascia tissue to reorganize, so as to achieve the effect of fascia lifting, tighten and lift the skin, dilute all kinds of wrinkles, promote product absorption, and achieve the effect of smooth skin.

3. What products should be used with the operation?
When using V-carving, the probe needs to be combined with liquid products (original liquid, thick essence, hyaluronic acid original liquid, water light essence, etc.), or cold gel. (Not recommended to use ointment or oil)

4. How to use the product with radar V carving?
After the original solution is opened, it can be applied evenly on the place to be operated and the probe. (Make sure that the skin can only be operated when the medium is kept during the operation; a bottle of the original liquid can operate the entire face)

5. What should I pay attention to after operation?
After the operation, pay attention to hydration. It is best to apply a pure hydrating mask every day and drink no less than eight glasses of water every day. Take good sun protection measures. It is not recommended to enter or leave a high-temperature place (sweat, sauna, etc.) within three days. Makeup is not recommended, you can lighten makeup the next day.

6. What parts are not recommended for operation?
It is recommended to avoid the throat knot, the middle of the person, the bridge of the nose, the lips, the eyebrows, the temples, the orbital bone and the upper eyelid during operation.

7. What effect can be achieved after operation?
After the operation, you can feel the obvious lifting and firming of the skin, and the skin will become more translucent and smooth.
    With the passage of time, the collagen in the deep skin gradually regenerates, and the elasticity of the fascia layer recovers, making the skin layer thicker and more elastic, and the original wrinkles will fade or even disappear.

8. How long should the interval be used?
It is recommended to operate once every 3 days for 5 times before normal skin, once every 5 days after 5 times, and once every 5-7 days for sensitive skin 5 times, once every 10 to 15 days after 5 times, 8 -10 times is a course of treatment, according to the degree of personal sagging and sagging to set the number of operation treatment courses;

9. Is there any pain during operation? is it safe? Are there any side effects?
v There will be a slight tingling sensation during the operation of the carving energy or more sensitive parts, which can bear the slight feeling. Tens of thousands of operations have been implemented and there has never been a bad record. Some sensitive skin may have a slight redness after the operation. Transient edema or slight tenderness are rare. If these conditions occur, they are mild and transient.

10. If the instrument is not used in the future, will the skin be more relaxed and aging?
This does not happen. The skin itself has natural aging rules. Physical treatments delay the aging process, so there is no problem of dependence or rebound. Even if it is not used in the future, the skin will follow the laws of the person.

11. Is it easy to operate?
The operation of this instrument is relatively simple and easy to learn, the operation is used in a uniform way of pulling, we will have special video teaching.

12. What is the use of the matched syringe?
The syringe is used to fill the instrument with water. When the instrument is operated and the probe film is not flat, you can inject water into the probe (with water injection video) (the instrument transfers energy through water)

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New Mini Ultrasound RF V Max Machine For Face Skin Tightening Lifting  1New Mini Ultrasound RF V Max Machine For Face Skin Tightening Lifting  2New Mini Ultrasound RF V Max Machine For Face Skin Tightening Lifting  3New Mini Ultrasound RF V Max Machine For Face Skin Tightening Lifting  4New Mini Ultrasound RF V Max Machine For Face Skin Tightening Lifting  5

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