TOPTAWA TMPT0504 Power controller SCR Power regulator

TOPTAWA TMPT0504 Power controller SCR Power regulator
Origin:Made In Taiwan, China
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Product Description

With the system power (R.S.T) phase loss abnormal light signal display, SCR stops output, to prevent the fuse from over-current burning due to the undercurrent generated by the under-phase. After the R.S.T recovery, the SCR automatically resumes the normal mode, the abnormal light is extinguished, and no reset action is required to achieve the optimal automation control state.  
It has a function that the fuse is blown, the abnormal light is displayed, and the SCR stops outputting. When the fuse is removed, it automatically resumes normal operation.  
Auxiliary voltage range: 88V AC-264V AC (50Hz/60Hz), flexible application range, suitable for voltage unstable areas.  
System power supply (R.S.T) 50Hz/60Hz Automatic identification, to achieve the most perfect power output conditions, suitable for use in countries around the world.  
No trouble with the power transmission sequence, greatly saving the time of the electrician, labor cost, material loss, and improve work efficiency.  
Restarting the SCR at any time has a slow start function that reduces the surge current and extends the life of the fuse.  
Small size and easy troubleshooting.  
The fan adopts the patent extraction method, which greatly overcomes the trouble of maintenance. Republic of China Patent (New Type No. 179602).  
The SCR maximum output is set to VR, no external connection.  
Other functions such as over current, over voltage, constant current, constant voltage, heater disconnection and corresponding alarm contact output can be designed according to the requirements of the user. For details, please contact the dealer or the company.  
Republic of China patent (new type 220958, new type M241939), counterfeiting  
Ordering Information: Product Name = TMPT-A BBB C D E F  
For example =TMPT 1 020 4 X X A (cf. the table below)  
A→Input mode

BBB→rated load current 

C→rated load voltage 

D→extended type  
(with fuse) 

E → special function 

F → drawing number

1 4-20mA 

020 20A

030  30A

2 220Vac      
2 0-20mA 050 50A 4 440Vac      
3 1-5V 100 100A      
4 0-10V 160 160A
5 0-5V 200 200A
6 2-10V
TOPTAWA TMPT0504 Power controller SCR Power regulator 1TOPTAWA TMPT0504 Power controller SCR Power regulator 2TOPTAWA TMPT0504 Power controller SCR Power regulator 3TOPTAWA TMPT0504 Power controller SCR Power regulator 4TOPTAWA TMPT0504 Power controller SCR Power regulator 5

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