fully automatic gas-electricity hybrid mesh screen tensioner

fully automatic gas-electricity hybrid mesh screen tensioner
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Product Description

Safety warning:
​​​​​​​Only Stainless steel sieve  can withstand 50 Newtons  tension
Screen printing mesh can withstand up to 28 Newtons

Why choose TAMPRINTER not SEFAR?

SEFAR – Stretching clamps for Industrial metal sieve, pays more attention to the uniformity of tension,
cons: There was a gap between each SEFAR clip, so the twisting of the mesh is inevitable.

TAMPRINTER full automatic Stretching pliers for the printing industry pays more attention to the clarity of the silk line grid , each silk line is not twisted or bend from start to end.
cons:It is inconvenient to adjust the local area of tension.

According to the customer's feedback, there are two kinds of equipment in the same factory. Customers prefer TAMPRINTER full automatic, which can record multiple sets of data, and intelligence is the future trend.

Fully automatic powerful gas-electricity hybrid mesh Stretching Machine


Customer Success Story Video

Stretching composite steel mesh machine detail video
Machine local joint activity video

Currently the most precise stretcher for PCBs using Thick Film screen printing technology
Full version video of customer's normal workflow https://www.instagram.com/p/CL8MKe7lDqT/?igshid=6wixboi3ai9m

Netting machine and big oven shipping video:



machine outside size 3600mm*8800mm*1150mm 200*250*115CM , 5.75CBM 240*200*115CM , 5.5CBM
Max Size Area for Frame 3200*8000mm 1200*2100mm 1600*1600mm
Min Size Area for Frame 2700*8000mm 800*2100mm 1000*1600mm
Tension tolerance Max 0.5N Max 0.5N Max 0.5N
maximum tension  more than 50N more than 50N more than 50N


Motor transmission


Worm gear deceleration

      SUBI 1:50

Worm gear deceleration

SUBI 1:50



380V-3phase 50Hz

3KW 380V-3phase 50Hz




Structural part



Accessories name


Configuration instructions


basic structure

Fuselage structure

Square tube shape

Sheet metal bending and bending box type  removable type

Surface box

Square tube

Welding surface processing removable

Transmission mechanism

Screw system

Sino-foreign joint venture




Sino-foreign joint venture

DRV900 1:50*2P

cooling system

Exhaust fan


Pneumatic configuration

Lock cylinder



electromagnetic valve


220V- Q4D2L08

Pressurized cylinder



Electrical configuration




AC-220V 48E

Display panel

touch screen





Limit switch

sensory switch






LC1E2510M5N AC220V


1.Product Features:


1. It adopts PLC microcomputer control and intelligent memory control system, intelligent human-machine exchange interface, and simple operation, ensuring accurate, stable and efficient net stretching.


2. The body structure adopts high strength steel mixed structure.


3. The most scientific and reasonable integrated clamping principle is designed and used. The cylinder is fully automatic self-locking clamping mechanism. It is convenient and fast to lock the net, with uniform force and accurate net clamping. And through the cylinder pressure and the optimal parallel distance of the mesh traction friction! Realize tension (0-60N) without sliding net, no gap, no dislocation deformation.


4. Fully digital display of the stroke during X, Y column stretch net work, accurate to the micron (um) level, open intelligent guidance memory mode, to meet the different types and specifications of the net stretch net, the stretch parameters of the stretch net can be arbitrary Choose memory, fine-tune the control of humanization and automation. Maximized the efficiency of stretched nets! Maximize the operation of the stretcher.


5. Originally introduced Guangxi's  Legal Bridge Law to promote the most reasonable stretch net concept. During the stretching process, when the mesh is under simultaneous force on the X and Y columns, the machine's four right angles have the function of automatically buffering and balancing forces, allowing the error between the forces to quickly reach the bridge-type mitigation and supplementation, gradually and gradually Required tension. Maximum guarantee that the mesh cloth is not susceptible to bursting or breaking the net while bearing the ultimate tension


6. The whole machine is equipped with multiple operation protection devices. Circuit and air circuit design are clever and reasonable, low power. In line with the trend of low energy consumption. According to the different requirements of different industries, different sizes can be professionally customized.


7. Equipped with a more user-friendly digital display of the clip net bar, combined with auxiliary originals such as the position of the net yarn and the foot switch, the net fabric does not need to be cut. In the case of 40N, optional automatic mute air compressor system is optional.


8. Equipped with automatic top net system. Lifting stroke distance, air source pressure, etc. can be adjusted arbitrarily. The top net method is reasonable and easy to operate.


2.Competitive Advantage:


1.Integrated screen locking eliminates the manual single chuck, the pressure of the clamping net is uneven, the uniformity and flatness of the net cannot be unified, the gap between the chucks causes ripples, and the uneven force will easily explode the net .


2. It breaks the misunderstanding that the traditional pull screen needs to be  angled" and realizes the real X Yline vertical pull screen. At the same time, it eliminates the waste of defective products caused by the "angle angle" and saves net yarn.


3. The most accurate drawing mode. That is, stretching in the X Ydirection at the same time, and ensuring that the stretching speed and force are consistent, thereby ensuring the maximum uniformity of the mesh (reference value: ± 0.5N), Make the most of the mesh.



4. A convenient and convenient way to pull the net by intelligent memory, which solves the tedious manual screen locking and unscientific processes such as pulling the net. More than 100 sets of pull data memory space, unprecedented in China. It is more than 3 times faster than the traditional manual or electric netting, which makes the netting more efficient and saves unnecessary manpower, financial and material resources. (Reference value: 3-5 minutes to complete the net drawing operation)


5. The stable and high-strength structure can be easily made for stainless steel screen, composite screen, and high-tension screen. No deformation, yarn running, etc. The traditional network equipment is unparalleled.


6. The operation is a "fool" type, which is also the core focus of the aircraft design. Any worker can be proficient in the operation and use of the machine within 1 hour. Get rid of the trouble of finding professional talents completely.


7.If a professional plate-making dealer is equipped with this equipment, it is suitable for any screen cloth stretched by screen printing. Its high efficiency, low energy consumption, high quality, and low manpower will undoubtedly have a huge impact on its peers and increase its popularity.


Application area:

It is widely used in high-precision, high-tension screen stretched screens in solar photovoltaic industry, circuit board industry, liquid crystal touch screen industry, electronics industry, glass printing and other fields. High-quality stretch nets of any straight stretch type including polyester, nylon, and stainless steel mesh.

Re-mesh table type strecher machine for Round Stainless Steel Filter Mesh/ Test Sieve/ Vibrating Screens,one of filtration Mesh make equipment.Carbon Steel Screening Filter Machine Plastic Granules Rotary Vibration Screen for Powder​​​​​​​ need reach very big Tension, ordinary mesh stretching machine does not have enough tension, and the tension distribution after forming is uneven. Usually use this machine


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