Ceramic decal film hot melt glue automatic screen printing machine

Ceramic decal film hot melt glue automatic screen printing machine
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Specializing in the automatic adhesive powdering machine for offset heat transfer paper hot melt powder powdering machine, post-press equipment, suitable for the process of spreading hot melt powder on clothing trademarks, heat transfer, wallpaper, paper, film and other transfer products. It has the functions of removing static electricity, dusting, recycling remaining powder, and circulating dusting at one time. It is convenient to use, flexible to adjust, high in work efficiency, and free of dust pollution. All transmission parts of the whole machine realize frequency conversion speed regulation and can be directly connected with the automatic screen printing machine. The hot melt powder technology for paper, film, wallpaper, etc. with higher surface requirements can achieve perfect results. It can also be matched like this: the front screen printing machine, the rear docking drying rack into the oven or directly through the infrared tunnel oven.




powder machine



  1. Model     TZSC-1
  2. Total Power    4KW 400v 50 Hz 3 phase     
  3. Belt Width      800(mm)
  4. Width of Powdering      650(mm)
  5. Thickness of Paper 0 ~ 5(mm)
  6. Overall Dimensions2010*1500*1860 580kg
  7. Plywood        2.16*1.7*2.06m     750kg





white glue powder


  1. 400v / 50 Hz 3 phase
  2. inner liner 201
  3. Inlet 0.5m+heat zone 2+2+2+2m+cooling 0.5m+ outlet 0.5m=9.5m
  4. section: 5
  5. 130℃~150℃,1~2  seconds
  6. Bottom Internal circulation fan*4PCS*0.75kw
  7. Hot air from bottom back to top, evenly spay
  8. 4 cylinder Lift open oven cover
  9. Teflon belt width: 0.75 m
  10. Tunnel width: 770mm
  11. Belt mesh hole 4 x 4mm
  12. Conveyer speed: 0 ~ 8m / min
  13. 2 'Exit' fit exhaust
  14. Medium wave quartz tube on top
  15. 36pcs*1kw+other= Total wattage: 38KW
  16. Outer box material: The outer layer is bent by cold-rolled steel plate material, then welded, and the surface is sprayed with anti-rust treatment .
  17. Insulation material: high temperature cotton compaction filling.
  18. automatic electrical safety cut off in the event of overheating

TM-6090D precision

vertical screen printer 8443198000


  1. Button panel screen printing machine with a single-chip control
  2.  Print area:   600*900mm
  3. Workbench size: 700*1000mm
  4. Max frame:850mm*1150mm
  5.  Printing thickness:0~50mm
  6.  Overlay accuracy:0.02mm
  7.  Platform precision: About within plus or minus 0.075mm
  8.  Printing pressure: 4.0-8.0 kgf/cm2
  9.  Air pressure(mpa): 0.5~0.6(Mpa)
  10.  Air consumption: 35L/min
  11.  Printing speed: 600pcs/h
  12.  Power: 380V/2.5KW
  13.  Dimensions:1600*1170*1950mm
  14. weight:580kg 6CBM

Free fitting

clamp 600mm--1pcs,tinge 620mm---1pcs;

clamp 400--1pcs,tinge 420mm--1pcs.

Tool box


Thickness of Paper Regular 0.75mm The most commonly used model TM-AP650
Principle: The top 2 drums are the powder shaker, which can be used to control the amount of dusting, because the original ink is not dry, so how much hot melt powder is naturally stained
The key parts of this machine, such as conveyor belt, suction fan, and frequency converter, all adopt imported parts. It is an upper and lower double suction device. It is specially designed for the characteristics of the film hot melt powder process. It is easy to use, flexible to adjust, and the whole machine Each transmission body can realize stepless adjustment, which has the characteristics of high durability and good stability.

Offset heat transfer and offset printing belong to the category of offset printing. The origin of offset heat transfer is because of the effect of offset printing. The pattern is clear and realistic, which can achieve the effect of photos. Some people named it offset according to Kodak. Heat transfer. Offset heat transfer is more popular (in a narrow sense) than color heat transfer.
Offset heat transfer temperature 120-150 degrees, a few 160 degrees, transfer time 5-8 seconds, transfer pressure 4-5kg
table of Contents
1 Noun meaning
2 Tear the paper method
3 Classification of heat transfer
Noun meaning
The offset heat transfer is made by four-color overprinting, the color effect can achieve the photo effect (person, landscape, etc.), the color is washable and stretchable. It is widely used in garments and various high temperature resistant fabrics. Scope of application: l age, handbags, advertising shirts, cultural shirts, children's clothing, women's clothing, headbands, aprons, etc.
Tear the paper method
Hot tear, cold tear.
Heat transfer classification
Heat transfer
It is a kind of heat transfer, including spot color heat transfer and offset heat transfer. The same is paper, but the paper is thicker, usually above 100 g/㎡. This paper is coated with a release agent, otherwise the paper will not tear off the clothes after hot stamping. There are also many printing factories that use PET release film with a thickness of about 7.5 filaments. Its hot stamping principle is roughly the same as sublimation heat transfer, but the printing ink used inside is essentially different from sublimation heat transfer. The ink printed on release paper or PET release film will not produce sublimation. , Because it is a special ink for glue transfer, in the later process of cloth hot stamping, no matter how high the temperature of the pressing machine is, it will not completely turn into a gas, but through the hot melt glue on the reverse side of the pattern. The image can be hot stamped on the fabric with high pressure at a temperature of more than 100 degrees, and then the transfer paper or film is torn off. In this way, the desired image is left on the cloth, and it is full of movement.

The difference between offset heat transfer and heat transfer
What is offset heat transfer? What is thermal transfer? Are offset heat transfer and heat transfer the same thing? what is the relationship?
1. Different processes

Thermal transfer is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing. The transfer film printing uses halftone printing (with a resolution of 300dpi). The pattern is printed on the surface of the film in advance, and then the transfer film is processed The exquisite pattern is transferred to the surface of the product, and the ink layer is integrated with the surface of the product after molding.

The offset heat transfer is made by four-color overprinting, and the color effect can achieve the photo effect (people, landscape pictures, etc.). It is a kind of heat transfer. There are spot color heat transfer and offset heat transfer.
2. Different features

Thermal transfer: The pictures are exquisite, and can be completed with ordinary hot stamping machines and thermal transfer machines. The application of inktrk thermal transfer ink does not require coloring, and the pattern is formed at one time without color registration. With C-AW thermal transfer paper, you only need to print it out, with simple operation, exquisite printing work and low production cost.

Offset heat transfer: The pattern is clear and lifelike, can achieve the effect of the photo, and the color is washable and stretchable.

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