Screen plate set LED exposure machine

Screen plate set LED exposure machine
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Product Description

TMEP-LED90120 Led High Precision uv exposure machine 9010502200 

 Max exposure size:    900*1200mm

Max frame size    900*1200mm

Air consumption   13/pcs

Power    Light source360W  Air pump850W

Rated voltage       220v/50Hz

Machine size: L*W*H  1400*1100*1000mm

Machine weight    260KG


FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1,The overall size of our screen frame is 1.5*2m, what is the price of the exposure machine?

A1:First ask the customer clearly about the actual work requirements. It is a responsible performance not to quote directly.

Different industries have different technical requirements, especially the electronics industry or the color overprinting industry. The common practice is to install two gallium lamps at the bottom of the funnel. The disadvantage is that the uv energy in the middle part is very strong, which leads to substandard after flushing. The common practice not only leaks light at the bottom, but also the distance between the locks at such a long distance is too far, and the gap in the middle is also light leaks,

the middle of the locks will affect the appearance,can accept?

Is it acceptable to raise the funnel and the machine to be higher?

Is the uniformity above 80% up to the standard?

In what industry to use?

Q2:  How to judge the level of exposure machine?

A2.1:Turn it on to see the appearance,
Is light leaking from the bottom?
Is light leaking around?
Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays will harm human health.

A2.2:The same work is for the shape of the 1.5*2m screen frame. There are many special attention to the lamp design. Some use 2 lamp tube sub-cavity design, different shutter control, some use the same shutter control of 2 lamps, some use a high-energy lamp but add High irradiation distance. Some people use LED lights to arrange evenly, and others use LED lights to scan.

A2.3:Open the wall to see the internal structure. Does the lamp have a centrifugal fan for heat dissipation? The ultraviolet lamp will generate a lot of heat when it emits light. If it is not radiated in time, it will affect the life of the lamp.

A2.4:Look at the neatness and standardization of circuit wiring.

TMEP-6090 vacuum LED UV Exposure machine for printing plate
It also uses a blanket to vacuum and press it. Compared with the iodine gallium lamp UV funnel exposure machine for silk screen printing, the cold light source has less power and is more energy-saving, and the exposure effect is more uniform.
The working principle of the printing machine
The plate printing machine is mainly used to make printing plates (PS plates, screen plates, etc.) as a contact exposure imaging device. It uses pressure to make the original plate and the photosensitive plate closely fit, so that the image on the original plate can be accurately exposed through photochemical reaction. Made on a photosensitive plate.
2. Equipment characteristics and main technical indicators
1. This printing machine has uniform light intensity, stable light quantity control, stable light source wavelength,
It has the advantages of high vacuum level and is suitable for screen exposure of high-precision lines, dots and high-density network lines.
2. The lamp adopts a domestic 3KW printing lamp, which starts the ultraviolet light instantly, with a wavelength of 365~425mm.
3. The inside and outside are treated with SS41# steel plate and baking paint, and the outside is 60# light sand color.
4. The reflector is made of aluminum alloy reflector with new titanium-coated reflective aluminum plate, and the condensing effect is more than 30% higher than the traditional one.
5. Through the microcomputer control on the control panel, the vacuum time and exposure time can be set to automatically complete the exposure.
6. The use of Hongye brand rubber skin enhances the quality of vacuum suction, improves the service life of the machine and the quality of printing.
7. The exposure uniformity is above 80.
8. The precision printing machine adopts vane vacuum pump, which can reach more than 650mmHg.
9. Liquid vacuum pressure gauge
10. The exposure time can be adjusted freely, manual and automatic operations can be performed, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.
It is suitable for high-grade screen printing such as screen printing and printing circuits.

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