Barbed Wire With Buckled Blade

Barbed Wire With Buckled Blade
Origin:Made In China
Category:Metallurgy , Mining & Energy / Metallurgy & Mining / Stainless Steel
Label:Razor barbed wire , Wall spikes , Chain link fence
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Product Description

Barbed Wire With Buckled Blade

Razor Wire Description

Barbed razor wire is a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges whose purpose is to prevent passage by humans. Therazor wire is much sharper than the standard barbed wire, it is named after its appearance, but is not actually razorsharp. However, the points are very sharp and made to rip and grab onto clothing and flesh.

The multiple blades of a razor wire fence are designed to inflict serious cuts on anyone attempting to climb through and therefore have a strong psychological deterrenteffect. In many high-security applications, barbed tape supplanted barbed wire, which could be circumvented relatively quickly by humans with tools, while penetrating razor wire barriers without tools is very slow and difficult, giving security forces more time to respond. Razor wire contains a core hardened steel strip that is often under tension, so if cut, the recoil could cause the wire to unfurl and lash out, striking the cutter

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