Plastic 3D Geomat

Plastic 3D Geomat
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Plastic 3D Geomat


3D geomat also know as erosion control mat, debris flows control mat, Landslide control mat. 3D geomat’s mechanism of action is used both of plant and the three-dimensional reticular structure to construct a protective system with plants own growth ability. Erosion Control 3D geomat service for soil washed from slopes, embankments, and channels. According to the slope landform, soil quality, and climate‘s characteristics, the geomat is covered on the surface of the slope, a variety of plants are planted according to spacing can grow well. You do not need to worry about the space can not afford the soil, sand, or root through it, our Yingtaier Plastic geomat has more than 90% space. Base on the geomat’s effect, the customer feedback that 3D geomat effectively so e the problems of rock slope. The application example shows that the 3D geomat has great benefits to slope stability and the protection effect is very good. You can reference the studies as below.

Studies Date Of 3D Geomat

The experimental results show that before the turf formation, when the slope angle is 45 degrees, the blocking rate of 3D geomat ‘s efficiency is as high as 97.5%, and when the slope angle is 60 degrees, the blocking rate is as high as 60%. Therefore, 60% of the soil can be retained due to the geomat. All in all, the 3Dmesh pad has an excellent soil fixation effect, which is better than the flat surface mesh.

3D Geomat Features :

The embankment is protected from the wind and rain before the grass has grown.

Can keep the grass seed evenly distributed on the slope, can defend wind, rain, and scattered.

The geomat can absorb a lot of heat, preserve the ground temperature, prolong the growing period of plants.

Plant growth forms a composite protective layer that can withstand high water levels and high flow rates.

Can replace concrete, asphalt, stone, and other slope materials, mainly used for road, railway, river, dam, and other slope protection.

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