Festool TSC 55 REB Li 5.2Ah TCL 6-Plus FS (575464) 18V 5.2Ah 160mm Li-Ion Cordle

Festool TSC 55 REB Li 5.2Ah TCL 6-Plus FS (575464) 18V 5.2Ah 160mm Li-Ion Cordle
Model:TSC 55 REB
Origin:Made In South Africa
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Electronics Stocks
Label:Cordless Plunge Saw , Combo Kit
Price: US $300 / sets
Min. Order:3 sets
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Product Description

Festool TSC 55 REB Li 5.2Ah TCL 6-Plus FS (575464) 18V 5.2Ah 160mm Li-Ion Cordless Plunge Saw Combo Kit
18V 5.2Ah Li-Ion Cordless Plunge Saw
The TSC 55. Work with precision instead of performing time-consuming rework. A powerful 5200 revolutions per minute. 2.2 mm standard saw blade for completely smooth operation. A quick-acting brake and guide wedge for integral safety. Variable speed control and angle settings for delicate working adapted to the material and precision undercuts. Dual battery system with flexible configuration options. And when combined with the guide rail, guarantees sawing perfection that leaves nothing to be desired. Except for a power socket.


Uncompromising power is only achieved in combination with powerful lithium-ion battery packs and the Festool EC-TEC motor. The dual battery concept offers a host of combination options for even greater flexibility for maximum power or minimum weight.
The dual battery system with flexible configuration options for using one (at least 15 V) or two battery packs (max. 36 V). For maximum power or minimum weight.
The guidance jaws on the circular saw can be adjusted on the guide rail without the need for additional tools. And the rubber lip directly on the scribe mark prevents the edges from splintering, even with angled cuts.
Dust collection bag for dust-free working without a mobile dust extractor.
The new FastFix generation. Standard saw blades can be used, as well as other accessories and consumables of the TS 55 R.
The spring-loaded guide wedge runs in front of the saw blade to prevent it from jamming and makes it easier to insert the blade in existing joints.
The TSC 55 can be fitted with a splinter guard for splinter-free cuts on both sides or a viewing window for a perfect view of the scribe mark, depending on the application.
The angles 0° and 45° can be selected directly using the locking positions. Undercuts from -1° to 47° are also possible with the extended adjustment option.
Integrated LED charge indicator for both battery packs on the motor housing – no unnecessary work interruptions due to the battery being unexpectedly low in charge.

Precise circular in materials up to 55 mm thick
Cutting interior doors to length using guide rail and circular saw
Cutting recesses in doors and kitchen worktops
Manufacturing expansion joints in parquet flooring and false joints
Cutting chipboard to size

Tool Weight (kg): 4.6 kg / 5.3 kg
Battery Voltage (V): 18V to 36V
No Load Speed (rpm): 2,650 rpm - 3,800 rpm / 5,200 rpm
Saw Blade Diameter (mm): 160 mm
Cutting Depth (mm): 0 mm - 55 mm
Cutting Depth at 45° (mm): 43 mm
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter (mm): 27 mm / 36 mm
Bevel Angle Range (°): -1° to 47°
Battery Capacity (Ah): 5.2 Ah
Power Source: Cordless
Motor Type: Brushless
Battery Type ie. Lithium-ion: Lithium-ion
SCA 8 Rapid Battery Charger with Airstream
SCA 8 features Festool's AIRSTREAM Technology allowing for rapid charging of compatible batteries. AIRSTREAM technology significantly increases the battery capacity and provides faster charging. Cool air is directed through targeted air ducts in the battery and out through the charger to quickly lower the internal temperature. The minute display informs the user when the charging battery can be used again, meaning less guessing games and increased productivity. Fast charging in 30-40 minutes. For use with Festool Lithium-ion batteries.

Airstream technology allows your tool to cool down quicker, and recharge faster. 30-40mins to fully charge.

Weight (kg): 1.1 kg
Charging Current: 8 A
Input Voltage: 220V - 240V
T-LOC Systainer SYS 5 Storage Box
Festool systainers offer a r ed, flexible, and convenient means of storing, carrying, and combining tools and accessories. Designed to seamlessly connect to one another and to Festool sortainers and CT dust extractors, the systainer system makes it possible to configure highly mobile, job specific kits, keeping you organized and working efficiently. Made of durable, robust, high quality ABS for a long service life. Systainers share an identical footprint for easy stacking, storing, and transport. Centrally positioned, oversized handle makes it easy to carry heavy loads.

Searching for tools, drill bits, screws becomes a thing of the past. Custom inserts are designed to hold Festool tools, accessories, and consumables to help you quickly find the items you need to complete a task.
Latch your Systainer to a dust extractor, rolling base or trolley for easy transport, moving tools, accessories and extractor in one trip from the car to site.
Design your own personalised label for your Systainer T-LOC.
Professionals are well organised and neatly presented. Festool's storage solutions provide a robust system for organising, protecting and transporting power tools, accessories, and consumables.

Dimension (L x W x H): 396 x 296 x 420 mm
With Floor Stand: 396 mm x 296 mm x 427 mm
Inner: 381 x 265 x 384 mm
Internal: 381 mm x 265 mm x 384 mm
Weight (kg): 2.7 kg
Type: Systainer T-Loc
18V Li-Ion 5.2 Ah Airstream Battery Pack
Innovative battery technology brings power and flexibility to your cordless tools with Festool's range of battery packs. Long lasting, and measurably superior to other cordless tools. Now you can achieve perfect results quickly and easily with the quality you expect, even when you’re not near an electrical outlet. Festool's Airstream Technology rapidly charges compatible batteries. Airstream technology significantly increases the battery capacity and provides faster charging. Cool air is directed through targeted air ducts in the battery and out through the charger to quickly lower the internal temperature. A minute display tells you exactly when the battery pack can be used again. This information is displayed both by the charge indicator on the charger and also by the integrated LED display on the battery pack itself.

Get back to work faster with 40-70 min charge time.
18V lithium ion battery with airstream technology for rapid charging when paired with the SCA 8 charger.

Battery Voltage (V): 18V
Battery Capacity (Ah): 5.2 Ah
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Battery Type - internal battery: Lithium-ion
Technology: Airstream
Weight (kg): 0.7 kg
Festool FS 1400/2 1400mm Guide Rail Track for Saws, Routers & Jigsaws
Made from anodized aluminium, FESTOOL Guide rails are available in eight different lengths from (800 - 5000 mm), providing the right rail for every application. The integrated splinterguard aligns perfectly to your cut line, saving set up time and serving as protection against tear out, on cuts both with the grain and across. Guide rails make work easier by taking the tool to the work, and save time and money by eliminating laborious measurements, rework and wasted material. Connect rails using FESTOOL Guide Rail Connectors to make limitless cuts. Non-skid, dual-clamping rubber strips prevent movement during the cutting operation, saving significant set up time.

What's Included:

Quantity in pack : 1
Packaging : In a Box
Compatible Tools:

AXT 50 Building Material Saw
CMS OF 1400 Module
CMS OF 2200 Module
CMS TS 55 Saw Set
CMS TS 75 Module
OF 1010 Plunge Router
OF 1400 Plunge Router
OF 2200 Plunge Router
PF 1200 Aluminium Composite Machine
PS 300 Jigsaw
PSB 300 Jigsaw
PS 420 Jigsaw
PSB 420 Jigsaw
PSC 420 Jigsaw
PSBC 420 Jigsaw
TS 55 R Plunge Cut Saw
TS 75 Plunge Cut Saw
Festool TSC 55 REB-Basic 18V x 2 160mm (6-1/4") Cordless Plunge Cut Saw - Skin Only - TSC 55 REB-Basic
The cordless TSC 55 Plunge Cut Saw is the cordless version of the TS55 R with the same high level of performance,torque and precision: with an impressive speed of 5,200 revolutions per minute. The combination of powerful lithium-ion batteries and the Festool EC-TEC motor produces uncompromising performance. MMC electronics provide soft start-up and constant speed under load. The saw sits easily on a guide rail for perfect straight guidance and exact cuts, even on an angle. The attachable splinterguard ensures cuts are completely splinter free on both sides. With a Festool Dust Bag or Dust Extractor, dust is removed immediately for a clear view of the cut and reduced cleanup time. The tool is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.


Fine tooth saw blade HW W48
Dust catcher
Viewing window
1 SYS 5 T-LOC systainer
Operation Tool

Cutting doors to length and width using the guide rail
Cutting full sheet materials to size
Cutting and processing cement sheet products
Plunge cutting applications (Sink cut-outs, vents in doors etc.)
Trimming up to 12mm from edges

Flat housing allows cuts close to walls
Spring-loaded riving knife give unhindered plunge cuts
Quick-acting brake provides safe, convenient sawing
55 mm cutting depth capacity in a lightweight machine
FastFix rapid change system for easy saw blade changes
Battery Voltage: 1 x 15V - 2 x 18V(36V)
No-load speed
1 x 18V: 2,650 - 3800rpm
2 x 18V: 2,650 - 5,200rpm
Saw blade diameter: 160mm
Inclination: 45°-90°
Cutting depth:
45°: 0-43mm
90°: 0-55mm
Connection diameter: 27 - 36mm
Bevel angle range: -1° - 47°
Clearance when sawing next to walls: min. 12mm
Weight: 4.6kg
Festool BPC 18 5.2 Ah Li-Ion 18V 5.2Ah Li-ion Cordless Slide Battery - BPC 18 5.2 Ah Li-Ion

Providing maximum power with overload and overheating protection.
Can be charged, whatever the battery status, without compromising service life.

Voltage: 18V
Capacity: 5.2Ah
Festool TCL 3 12V - 18V Li-Ion Battery Charger - TCL 3

For use with all slide-on Festool NiCD, NiMH and Li-ion batteries.
Intelligent monitoring eletronics that protect the batteries from being overcharged or charged in hazardous conditions.

Voltage: 12V - 18V
Payment Terms:TT/WU/BTC
Festool TSC 55 REB Li 5.2Ah TCL 6-Plus FS (575464) 18V 5.2Ah 160mm Li-Ion Cordle 1

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