How to choose oil filtration equipment for hydraulic lubrication system

How to choose oil filtration equipment for hydraulic lubrication system
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Product Description

Product introduction


It is widely used in industrial hydraulic or lubricating systems where fuel resistance is required. Resistant fuel oil has better lubricity than traditional mineral oil. In the steam turbine unit, anti-fuel has been used in the control system for a long time, but in the case of continuous water, it is easy to reduce the stability and lubricity of the oil. Water can make oil emulsify, accelerate oil oxidation and metamorphism to produce acid, and thus reduce oil film thickness. The fine water droplets are cloudy and have reduced viscosity. Ice crystals formed by water droplets at low temperatures trap components and accelerate their wear, leading to metal surface fatigue and corrosion. The anti-fuel oil filter provided by our company adopts a unique polymer purification device, which can effectively remove water, acid and other harmful substances in the oil, so that the anti-fuel quality can meet the requirements of use.


Precision multi-stage filter element can effectively remove all kinds of impurities, step by step encryption, large amount of pollution, long service life.


Advanced infrared automatic level control system, sound and light automatic alarm system and pressure protection device ensure safe and stable operation.


On-line processing of turbine oil and low viscosity lubricating oil.




It is widely used in steam turbine, gas turbine, hydraulic power, chemical industry, paper making, metallurgy and other industries to ensure the adjustment of the unit, the normal work of the lubrication system, but also low viscosity lubricating oil and cooling oil processing.


Product advantage


Strong oil-water separation ability, demulsification, deep precision filter material can remove fine particles in the oil.


Large flow, high purification efficiency, suitable for rapid purification of large capacity system oil.


Germany imported reverse osmosis oil and water separation and purification system + rapid three-dimensional evaporation technology, multi-level oil and water separation technology, rapid separation of water, gas and impurities in oil.


The machine is equipped with pressure protection, automatic temperature control heating, automatic separation of condensate water device, and then drainage in line operation, simple operation, safe and reliable.


High quality oil-water separation filter material imported from Germany, oil-water separation ability, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, can remove impurities precision, long service life.


Adopt advanced defoaming system, so that the oil filter will not appear in the work of similar products commonly oil injection phenomenon.


The equipment has its own online oil monitoring device.


Introduction of key technologies


Vacuum system:


It consists of vacuum tank, vacuum pump, condensate tank, liquid tank and air supply system. The optimized structure design greatly increases the surface area of the oil in the vacuum system, and maximizes the oil travel in the vacuum system. Make the water and gas in the oil fully overflow. This machine adopts advanced defoaming system, so that the oil filter will not appear in the work of similar products commonly oil injection phenomenon.


Five systems


Adopt five-stage filter, oil suction coarse filter to protect oil pump and prolong the service life of the main filter. After the pump is equipped with two stage fine filter, so that the oil quickly reaches a high cleanliness. Filter material imported special gradient aperture glass fiber material, can be layered filter different particle size particles, greatly improve the service life of the filter element. With perfect filter core structure, can effectively reduce the surface flow rate of filter material, obtain stable filtration accuracy.


Heating system


Step by step heating, surface heat load is less than 1.0W/cm, will not overheat caused oil deterioration. Oil temperature can be adjusted from 0 to 100C, automatic control, and equipped with a protection device, when the amount of oil is too small automatically stop working, to avoid dry burning caused by the damage of the heater.


Automatic control system


This device adopts frequency converter, liquid level transmitter, temperature sensor, vacuum sensor and a series of automatic control instruments to collect all kinds of information about the operation of the equipment, which is processed by the central processor to automatically control the operation of the whole equipment and monitor the operation of the equipment. The machine is equipped with various protection devices (overload protection, overvoltage protection, phase sequence protection, abnormal operation shutdown protection) to ensure the safe operation of equipment.


Machine structure:


The integrated bridge structure reduces the volume. The whole detachable oil tank ensures no oil operation on the ground and reduces environmental pollution. There are mobile, fixed, fully closed, vehicle type and other models to choose from.


【 Company Introduction 】


Guangxi Licheng Steel Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in development, production and sales of purification devices and related services. The company plant nearly 3000 square meters, with certification trademarks and a number of patents, has a perfect service team, and a number of solutions for customers' reference choice. Automatic slag discharge centrifuge | no consumables | high precision. Industrial oil and water separator purification equipment manufacturers. Main equipment: oil filter, centrifuge, cutting fluid high-speed centrifuge, automatic slag discharge centrifugal filter, CNC liquid tank cleaning machine, hydraulic oil filter, centrifugal oil filter


【 Main Business 】


1. Production and sales of purification devices and consumables


2. Purification service and purification scheme


3. Online, offline and remote monitoring of fluid related indicators


【 Main products 】


1. Oil filter series products


2, water purifier series products


[Technical advantages]


The company in solving mineral oil, cutting fluid (emulsion, cleaning fluid, etc.), water, air and other purification problems, is the ideal choice for various enterprises. The company is dedicated to solving all kinds of problems encountered by customers. With purification as the core, it is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise aiming at saving energy and reducing emissions, increasing production and reducing consumption.

How to choose oil filtration equipment for hydraulic lubrication system 1

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