RoHS1.0 detector, detection and analysis of harmful elements.

RoHS1.0 detector, detection and analysis of harmful elements.
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Product Description

Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer

EDX 6000E (type).
{RoHS halogen detector}

1. Product name and model index.

1.1 product name and model: 3V x-ray energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer-edx6000e.

1.2 Manufacturer: Suzhou Sanzhi Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.

1.3 total value of instruments: () RMB.

1.4 instrument pictures.

1.5 working conditions:

1.5.1 working temperature: 15-30℃.

1.5.2 Relative humidity: 40% ~ 60%.

1.5.3 power supply: ac220v 5v.


1.6 technical performance and indicators:

1.6.1 elemental analysis ranges from sulfur (s) to uranium (u).

1.6.2 the analysis range of element content is from 1PPm to 99.99%.

1.6.3 measurement time: 60-200 seconds.

1.6.4RoHS detection limit of harmful elements (limited to Cd/Pb/Cr/Hg/Br) specified in RoHS directive is up to 1PPM.

1.6.5 the energy resolution is 149 5 ev.

1.6.6 The temperature adaptation range is 15℃ to 30℃.

1.6.7 power supply: AC 220V±5V (it is recommended to configure AC purified and stabilized power supply).


1.7 product features:

●EDX6000E is a product specially designed for RoHS, halogen-free, EN71 and other environmental protection directives.

● Breaking the traditional straight line design of the instrument, and adopting the integrated design of streamline body, the instrument is fashionable and generous.

● America's new Si-PIN detector is adopted, which is electrically cooled instead of liquid nitrogen, with small size, accurate data analysis and low maintenance cost.

● Self-developed SES signal processing system is adopted to effectively improve the sensitivity of measurement and make the measurement more accurate.

● One-button automatic test is simpler, more convenient and more humane to use.

● Seven kinds of optical path correction and collimation systems, which can be automatically switched according to different samples.

● Multi-radiation leakage prevention design, and the radiation protection level is superior to similar products.

● Advanced integrated heat dissipation design greatly improves the heat dissipation performance of the whole machine and ensures the safe operation of the core components.

● Unique movement temperature control technology ensures the safe and reliable operation of X-ray source, effectively prolongs its service life and reduces its use cost.

● Multiple instrument accessory protection systems, which can be monitored in the whole process by software, so that the instrument works more stably and safely.

●RoHS special test software, standard window design, friendly interface and convenient operation.

● This machine adopts USB3.0 interface, which effectively ensures accurate, high-speed and effective data transmission.


2. Main configuration of instrument hardware.

2.1 Si-PIN electrically cooled semiconductor detector.

2.1.1Si-PIN electrically cooled semiconductor detector; Resolution: 149 5 electron volts.

2.1.2 amplification circuit module: detect the characteristic x-rays of the sample; Further enlarge the information collected by detection.

2.2 x-ray excitation device.

2.2.1 maximum output of filament current: 1mA.

2.2.2 It is a semi-consumable part with a service life of 20,000 hours.

2.3 high and low voltage power supply.

2.3.1 maximum voltage output: 50kV.

2.3.2 minimum 5kv controllable adjustment.

2.3.3 with voltage overload protection.

2.4 multichannel pulse amplitude analyzer.

2.4.1 convert the collected analog signals into digital signals, and provide the processing results to the upper computer software.

2.4.2 the longest road number: 4096.

2.4.3 including signal enhancement processing.

2.5 optical path filter module.

2.5.1 reduce the interference in the transmission process of x-ray optical path and ensure the accuracy of the signal received by the detector.

2.5.2 Integrate the collimator with the optical filter.

2.6 collimator automatic switching module.

2.6.1 up to 7 options, with caliber 8-1 # respectively.

8-2#, 8-3#, 4#,2#, 1#, 0.5#

2.7 filter automatic switching module.

2.7.1 Free selection and switching of five kinds of filters.

2.8 Free combination module of collimator and filter.

2.8.1 Free combination of dozens of collimators and filters.

2.9 working curve automatic selection module.

2.9.1 automatically select the working curve, abandon manual selection, avoid human error, and deduce automation and intelligence.

Perfect, make the operation more humane and convenient.

3. Special software configuration.

3.1 Special RoHS harmful element analysis software.

3.1.1 Specially developed for RoHS detection, it processes, calculates and reports the collected spectral signals.

The measurement results are displayed.


3.4 Function introduction.

Test the five elements Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, Cr involved in the six substances in the RoHS directive of the European union, the measuring time is 60-200 seconds. ※

Operation interface is simple and intuitive, easy to use, no need for professional operation. ※


※ Suitable calibration curve can be automatically selected, making measurement more convenient and accurate.

Automatic switching between Chinese and English interfaces, and third-party language customization function. ※

Automatic calibration instrument ※

Self-contained qualitative analysis of sample materials to prevent manual users from selecting wrong curves. ※

Print in various report forms. ※

※ Multiple spectrograms can be displayed at the same time.

The movement temperature monitoring technology ensures the safe and reliable operation of X-ray source, effectively prolongs its service life and reduces its use cost. ※


4. Sample configuration.

4.1 sample chamber.

Open large sample chamber.

4.2 Standard sample

Standard sample

Silver calibration sheet

5. Product warranty and after-sales service.

◆ Provide free training to the operator of the client.

◆ Installation, commissioning, acceptance, training and technical services are all free training for operators at the user's site.

◆ In normal use, it is confirmed by the technical personnel of the after-sales service department of our company that it is a fault caused by process or material defects, and it has not been repaired.

The instrument shall be guaranteed for one year from the date of acceptance.

◆ Life-long maintenance of products (customers must have valid purchase vouchers, invoices and warranty cards, etc.).

◆ Free software upgrade.

◆ Provide effective technical services, and respond within 3 hours after receiving the user's fault information, and send personnel within 48 hours if necessary.

On-site repair and troubleshooting.

RoHS1.0 detector, detection and analysis of harmful elements. 1

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