Gear hob cutter shaper cutter skiving cutter shaving cutter supplier

Gear hob cutter shaper cutter skiving cutter shaving cutter supplier
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Label:gear cutting tools , gear hobbing cutter , gear shaping cutter
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Product Description

Gear hob cutter shaper cutter skiving cutter shaving cutter supplier

mainly made with Powder metallurgy steel, our products are mainly used for reducer, harmonic reducer, auto gear, wind power gear ring, etc.

The cutting tool type are mainly lever type and bowel type Gear


All the products are customized according to customers working part drawing, we need know your products drawing first then we make suitable cutters according to the drawing.

The cutters we can make customization for you

some product series as below:
skiving cutter hobcutter:
mainly made with Powder metallurgy steel, our products are mainly used for reducer, harmonic reducer, auto gear, wind power gear ring, etc.

carbide alloy skiving cutter :0.1~4.5 module   Medium and small module skiving cemented carbide (carbide alloy)gear cutter
The cutting tool type are mainly lever type and small bowel type Gear.
Harmonic skiving/turning cutter:Mainly used in advanced intelligent harmonic reducer, steel wheel, flexible wheel, teeth efficient processing.
Tool type: taper shank.
Unequal thickness skiving/turning cutter:It is used for machining the outer circle, root circle, pitch, tooth thickness and all kinds of special-shaped outer gears on the same circumference.Main processing: automobile synchronizer gear hub, gear ring, all kinds of special-shaped transmission gear processing,Cutter type: disc type. Bowl type.
Small module gear shaper :0.1~0.5 mainly used for reducer products
The cutting tool type are mainly lever type and small bowel 
Harmonic pinion shaper cutter/slotting cutter:Mainly used for high precision harmonic reducer products
The cutting tool type are mainly lever type and small bowel 
Rectangular spline gear shaper  cutter:Mainly used for the tooth processing of spline connecting head of various transmission parts, such as the transmission parts with rectangular contour shape.
Cutter type: disc type, bowl type, Morse taper shank.
Helical gear-shaper cutter:Various modules segment helical pinion gear cutter, The profile of the cutter is composed of convex angle, trimmed edge, chamfered angle, full cut, full arc and modified shape. Mainly used for auto gear, step gear etc.
The cutting tool type are mainly disk type,lever type and small bowel type
Sprocket shaper cutter:Mainly used for all kinds of connecting chain driving wheels and tooth shape processing. The tooth shape standard can reach American standard, German standard and Japanese standard.

Cutter type: disc type, bowl type, taper shank
Carbide alloy gear cutting hob:0.1~4.5 module  Medium and small module skiving cemented carbide(carbide alloy)gear cutter

The cutting tool type are mainly lever type and small bowel type Gear.
Removal, combination, unequal thickness gear teeth shaper cutter:Used for gear on the same circle, root circle, pitch, tooth thickness are not the same, and all kinds of shaped shape of the external gear, tooth low speed gear shaping processing.
Main processing: automobile synchronizer gear hub, all kinds of special-shaped
 High speed dry cutting hob:Used for various kinds of high-precision, large volume external gear hobbing, various kinds of shaft involute gear hobbing, high-efficiency, energy-saving, first choice of high-precision, large volume gear processing tool.
Straight gear-shaper cutter:Various modules segment involute, triangle spline, rectangle spline, sprocket, belt wheel and other straight gear shaper cutter. The profile of the cutter is composed of convex angle, trimmed edge, chamfered angle, full cut, full arc and modified shape.
Powder metallurgy hole type hob:Mainly used for efficient dry cutting, hobbing of external gear and shaft gear. Tool shape categories: before shaving, before grinding, rough cutting, rectangular spline, triangular spline, sprocket, double arc, etc.
gear Shaving cutter:Mainly divided into axial gear shaving cutter, radial gear shaving cutter. Mainly used to improve precision of gears, tooth surface quality, and is used for batch and large amount of medium-precision gear
Standard gear Master gear:Mainly used for the detection of involute gear, and the precision is mainly national standard level 4 and level 5

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