TC11 deep sea forgings of titanium

TC11 deep sea forgings of titanium
Brand:Baoji FIRST Titanium industry (Group) Co.LTD
Origin:Made In China
Category:Metallurgy , Mining & Energy / Metallurgy & Mining / Non-ferrous Metal Alloy
Label:titanium bar , titanium plate , titanium product
Price: US $24 / kilo
Min. Order:50 kilo
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Product Description

Baoji FIRST Titanium industry (Group) Co.LTD is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development of Titanium Bar. We produce our products and cooperate closely and steadily with well-known research institutions, universities, national laboratories and innovative corporate giants in nanomaterials research and development. We are committed to provide the highest quality products with the most reasonable price for our customers who are doing nanotech research and have formed a complete cycle of researching, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale servicing. Our products have been sold to many countries around the world.

Baoji Firstti Titanium industry Group Co.LTD has built a smelting, forging and machining production line for titanium and titanium alloy and other non-ferrous metals, with an annual capacity of 2,000 tons of casting, 30,000 tons of forging and pressing and 6,000 tons of mechanical processing capacity. It can produce more than 50 kinds of titanium and titanium alloy products in three categories: titanium, titanium products and titanium equipment, mainly including:  Ingot, bar, block, cake, ring, tube, plate, silk, different forgings, standard parts and tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, pick, nickel, hafnium and other rare metal products.  

The company has passed and implemented ISO9001 quality system certification, AS9100 aerospace system certification, GJB9001 military industry system certification and PED pressure equipment certification, all production equipment and physical and chemical inspection equipment is excellent and reliable, mature technology, product quality is qualified and stable,  Fully meet GB/T (national standard), GJB (national military standard), ISO (International Organization for Standardization standard) HB (navigation standard), ASTM (American standard), AMS (American standard), MIL (American standard), ROCR (Russian standard), JIS (Japanese standard), DIN (German standard), and other standards and aviation, aerospace, navigation, military, medical, chemical, etc  The industry and international market demand for titanium, products exported to the United States, Britain, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan and other developed countries, the annual output value of over 800 million yuan.  

  • TC11 deep sea forgings of titanium


TC11 deep sea titanium forgings titanium titanium workpiece titanium special-shaped titanium materials  

Product name: Titanium workpiece, titanium block, titanium forgings  

Origin: Baoji  

A, brand  

*** Brand: TA1, TA2, TA9, TA10, TC4  

American label number: GR1, GR2, GR5, GR12  

Two, performance and use  

Titanium alloy has the characteristics of high strength, good corrosion resistance, small specific gravity, high heat resistance, good weldability and  

Corrosion resistance, usually used as heat resistant materials and corrosion resistant materials.  

Three, production status  

Hot working state (R) Cold working state (Y) Annealing state (M) Solution state (ST)  

Iv. Implementation standards  

*** : GB/T2965-2007, GB/T13810-2007 American standard: ASTM B348  

Manufacturing method: hot forging, hot rolling, polishing (polishing)  

Specification: 200 x 300 x100mm  

Production process: forging, die forging, rotary forging, precision forging  

Testing: tensile strength testing, hardness testing, chemical composition testing, ultrasonic testing, X-ray testing, penetrant staining testing.  

Surface treatment: car gloss, chamfering.  

Surface quality: The surface roughness Ra of the two ends shall not be greater than 3.2L μm(subject to ultrasonic inspection requirements), the surface roughness Ra of the inner and outer surfaces shall not be greater than 12.5μm(when ultrasonic inspection is required on the outer circumferential surface, Ra shall not be greater than 3.2μm), and the chamfering radius shall be 5-15mm.  

Application: aerospace, aviation, Marine ship, light industry, chemical, textile, medical and petrochemical fields.  

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Baoji First Titanium Industry (Group) Co.Ltd
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