PP special laser engraving masterbatch laser powder

PP special laser engraving masterbatch laser powder
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Product Description

First, the principle




      The main function of the laser marking powder is to absorb the laser energy, convert the laser beam into heat energy, generate thermal reaction, carbonization, evaporation and chemical reaction of the plastic itself, so as to form a marking pattern on the surface of the product;




The principle of "coloring" for laser marking




a. carbonization method




After laser irradiation, the additive heats up so that the surrounding resin is coked, leaving the workpiece with a black mark, and this method is generally applied to a light-colored substrate. Generally common in the "white to black" technology.




b. Foaming method




The additive generates heat to achieve the degree of degradation of the resin to generate hot gas to form a large number of fine bubbles, which can be made into a light color or a white marking effect, which is used for deep color and black substrates. Generally used in the "black and white" technology.




c. ablation method




The resin is completely vaporized with a high energy laser to cause the substrate to have a concave texture. Generally used in laser direct molding technology (LDS) (Laser Direct Structuring)




c. Self-discoloration of additives




    After laser excitation, the additive undergoes a chemical change, which makes the color of the additive darker. This method is applied to a substrate with a light color. Generally used in the technology of "white and black".


Application range:


Most general-purpose plastics and some engineering plastics, such as PP, PE, PVC, PBT, PET, PA, ABS, POM, PS, PC, TUP, PUS, EVA, etc., can also be used for plastic alloys such as PC/ABS. The laser marking is clear and bright, marking black and white writing.


Add amount:


         Three thousandths - five or so, depending on the transparency of the plastic, the color is black, white and gray. According to the different plastic raw materials provided by the manufacturer, the company can give the matching formula recommended to achieve the effect of laser marking on plastic.


Suitable for laser marking machine source type and wavelength range: CO2 laser, light laser, Nd solid laser, infrared laser, wavelength range: 308-1064nm.


Can be identified in:


     Naturally colored plastic, white plastic, colored plastic, black plastic laser marking has been successfully commercialized, including animal ear tags, light switch covers, cosmetic packaging materials, automotive interior buttons and door handles, instrument panels, ABS keyboards for commercial machines, HDPE, ie, PET and PVC rigid containers and container covers, nylon and PBT automotive and non-automotive electrical connectors, hood components such as fuse boxes and air caps, security labels, container locks, stationery, appliance housings, etc. Laser welding of plastics has been successfully applied in the field of relays.

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