1300*900 100W CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

1300*900 100W  CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine
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Product Description

  • This series of models adopts DSP digital control technology, and the self-developed laser power supply adopts integrated design frame structure, which works stably and reliably. Support seamless connection with AutoCAD, CoreIDRAW CAD and various graphics processing software, and directly output original drawings Use USB port data interface, support hot plug, complete the task in an instant by data transmission, and do not occupy computer resources during engraving.Greatly improve the working efficiency of users Chinese liquid crystal display, friendly man-machine interface and more convenient operation.
  • Adopting the international DSP control technology, the leading continuous and fast curve cutting function and the shortest machining path optimization function in the enterprise greatly improve the working efficiency Automatic light attenuation compensation for the whole engraving process ensures consistent cutting in different areas. The design of fast cutting control software and buffer function during high-speed movement can improve production efficiency.
  • According to the user's s estion, according to different processing objects, it is a professional accessory for various processing occasions, such as aluminum alloy honeycomb bottom plates with different apertures, metal grids with different gaps, and negative pressure adsorption devices for soft materials, which better meet the user's on-site design and processing requirements.
  • Provide seamless connection with AutoCAD,coreIDRAW CAD and various graphics processing software, and directly output the original drawings, which is more in line with the user's site design requirements. Advanced color management, support any variety of colors, freely define engraving order, and easily realize all or one-time output.
  • The USB port is used to transmit data, and the built-in large-capacity memory is provided, which greatly improves the working speed and efficiency.


Technical Parameters

product model

1390J laser cutting machine

Machining area


Laser type

The wavelength of sealed CO2 laser in glass cavity (conforming to GB11748-89) is 10.6um


Laser power


Laser tube cooling

Pure circulating water cooling

Energy regulation

0-100% no segment control, 0-100% adjustable inside the software

Control and drive

High-speed DSP control and high subdivision drive of stepping motor

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


positioning accuracy


Minimum formed text

Chinese characters 2.0x2.0mm English letters 1.0x1.0mm

Working voltage


Working environment

Temperature: 0-45℃, humidity: 5%-95% (no condensate)

Support graphics software and software

*PLT, *dst, *DXF, *BMP, *DWG, *AI, *LAS, Support AutoCAD, CoreDRAW software

Machine Size and Weight

2200*2010*1300mm Package Size

Weight 700KGS

Equipment Configuration





CO2 laser tube




Laser power: 100W

Type: pure circulating water cooling
Quality assurance: 10 months

Advantages: Good spot mode, fast cutting speed, long service life and good stability. The laser output mode will not change during the service life.

Control system




The most recent DSP control system: USB interface, LCD screen, and board have better anti-high voltage and anti-static interference ability as a whole;

Focusing mirror

and reflecting mirror



Perfect engraving and cutting effect, small cutting gap and high reflection rate, which can reach 99.98%.

Stepping motor and driver



High stability stepping motor and driverThe precision and speed of laser engraving are improved, and it can run stably for a long time.


Taiwan PMI


Linear linear guide rail, imported brand, with high durability, high stability and precision, little wear and long service life.





Self-aligning ability, interchangeability and high rigidity.

belt drive



Good dynamic bending, good anti-cracking performance, aging resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance and so on


Blade or Honeycomb table


The contact surface between the blade platform and the material can be reduced as much as possible, and the blade density can be adjusted according to the material size.This platform is suitable for processing acrylic and other plates, reducing the contact surface between materials and platform, solving the diffuse reflection caused by laser striking the platform after cutting through materials, leaving traces on the lower part of materials, so as to achieve better cutting effect.







Precision water chiller, with temperature control accuracy of 0.3℃, has two working modes of constant temperature and intelligent temperature adjustment.

Air pump



Continuously generate airflow to cool the cutting surface temperature of the cut material, so as to avoid over-high cutting surface temperature.




With adsorption function, soft materials can be adsorbed on the platform, and smoke generated by engraving and cutting can be discharged into the roomEnsure the cleanliness of the workpiece and the inside of the machine




The toolbox includes all the tools for adjusting the machine, a set of hexagon wrenches, spare parts limit switch, software installation CD, ruler, etc.

Plywood Case Package


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1300*900 100W  CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine 11300*900 100W  CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine 21300*900 100W  CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine 31300*900 100W  CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine 4

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