CQB Mag drive chemical centrifugal aicd pump

CQB Mag drive chemical centrifugal aicd pump
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Product Description

Overview of CQB magnetic drive pump

CQB magnetic drive pump is a new type of completely leak free corrosion-resistant pump developed by the national joint design group of magnetic pump. Its technical and economic indicators are equivalent to those of similar foreign products in the late 1980s. It is a supplement and improvement to CQ pump. Main features: the overflow part of the pump is made of all stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance to organic acids, organic compounds, alkalis, neutral solutions and a variety of gases. The running in of double spiral groove carbon graphite bearings and cemented carbide shaft sleeves has strong wear resistance, ensuring the service life of the products. It is an ideal pump for transporting corrosive media without leakage. The ideal pump type for transporting corrosive media without leakage and the optimized product jointly designed by the national magnetic pump can directly replace the IH chemical process pump.

Application scope of CQB magnetic drive pump

CQB series magnetic pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, electroplating, environmental protection and other industries, and can transport flammable, explosive, highly toxic and precious liquids below 100 ℃. The magnetic transmission principle is adopted to transport corrosive media without leakage. Flow: 3.2-100m3/h lift: 20-80m power: 0.75-75kw

CQB series magnetic drive pump is a small magnetic pump. Its pump shaft and permanent magnet internal magnetic rotor are an integrated structure, and the sliding bearing is closely matched with the center of the pump cover. The impeller is fastened on the shaft integrated with the internal magnetic rotor by the impeller nut, which is called the moving shaft type.

Cqb-d series magnetic drive centrifugal pump motor is integrated with the pump, and a small base is installed as a whole.

Cqb-l magnetic drive chemical centrifugal pump is a new type of chemical centrifugal pump that combines IH chemical centrifugal pump with the matrix principle and application characteristics of magnetic drive technology. It is composed of the pump body and driver (external magnetic rotor and internal magnetic rotor) of IH chemical centrifugal pump, which can support and balance the axial force and ensure the medium circulation, the pump cover (bearing seat) of lubricating bearing, isolation sleeve, the unique structure and motor of magnetic pump. When the motor rotates and the outer magnetic rotor on the driving shaft rotates, the permanent magnetic field passes through the isolation sleeve of non-magnetic material and the air gap between the inner and outer magnetic rotors.

The permanent magnetic materials in the inner and outer magnetic rotors generate magnetic torque between each other to realize synchronous rotation. The impeller of the pump, the shaft of the integrated structure, the inner magnetic rotor, the shaft sleeve, the sliding bearing and other components are combined, which are statically sealed in the pump cavity by the isolation sleeve, so that the transmitted medium has no contact with the external space. The contact dynamic sealing device of the mechanical seal of the IH pump is cancelled, and the dynamic seal is transformed into a static seal, which solves the inevitable running The problem of emitting and dripping.

Product details:

Working Principle: Centrifugal, Magnetic drive
Main applications:        Chemical, water, oil
Driver: Electric motor
Power Specs: 220V/380/415 V 3phase; 220/240 V 1phase; 50hz/60hz
Max.permissible fluid temperature: 95°C(203°F)
Type of connection: Flange, Tube. 
Installation position: Horizontal
Casing/Inner parts material: Stainless steel 304 / 316
Maximum drive rating:  30KW(40HP)
Maximum caliber:   150mm(6inch)
Maximum discharge-side pressure: 0.5MPa(5bar)
Maximum head: 50m(164ft)
Flow rate range:   30-3350L/min(7.9-884.4 US.GPM)


Performance Data: 

Model   Caliber   (mm) Flow
(m 3 /h)  
Head (m)   Power
Inlet   Outlet  
14CQ-5 14 10 1.2 5 0.18 220/380 304
16CQ-8 16 12 1.8 8 0.18 220/380
20CQ-12 20 12 3 12 0.37 220/380
25CQ-15 25 20 5.4 15 1.1 380
32CQ-15 32 25 6.5 15 1.1 380
32CQ-25 32 25 4.8 25 1.1 380
40CQ-20 40 32 1 20 2.2 380
40CQ-32 40 32 11.5 32 4 380
50CQ-25 50 40 14.4 25 4 380
50CQ-32 50 40 13.2 32 4 380
50CQ-50 50 32 7.8 50 5.5 380
65CQ-25 65 50 16.8 25 5.5 380
65CQ-32 65 50 25 32 5.5/7.5 380
80CQ-32 80 65 50 32 11 380
80CQ-50 80 65 50 50 15 380
100CQ-35 100 80 60 35 15 380
100CQ-50 100 80 60 50 18.5 380

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