ESH Casting Fume ESP Filter Electrostatic Precipitator

ESH Casting Fume ESP Filter Electrostatic Precipitator
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Product Description

Products Introduction

Our company's ESH electrostatic high-concentration oil mist purifier is a mature and standardized oil mist collection + purification series designed and launched for on-site working conditions such as die casting, forging, and precision casting. This series of products has 5 standard models, which can be matched with die casting machines of 280-400T, 500-650T, 800-900T, 1000-1250T and 1600-2000T respectively.

This set of equipment is installed above the die-casting machine, and there is no need for pipelines on site. The oil mist generated by the die-casting machine can be collected directly from the source, which can not only reduce energy consumption, but also ensure a good oil mist collection effect and avoid oil mist diffusion. The mature linkage system can automatically cooperate with the die-casting machine to work without affecting normal production.


Application Arrange

Die casting forging, casting forging, machining, aluminum ingot processing, aluminum melting furnace, bolt processing, tapping, gear processing, precision casting, precision work


Product configuration:

Drive mode: motor drive

Control panel: Siemens touch screen

Working voltage: 220VAC 50/60MZ

Working temperature: 60


Technical Principle:

The main structure of the equipment consists of a bracket, an oil collecting chamber, a stainless steel wire mesh defogging filter, a charging area, a dust collecting area, an electric control system and a fan.

The dust-laden gas enters through the air inlet of the collecting hood. After entering, the air flow rate decreases due to the enlarged flow cross-section. Under the action of its own gravity, the large particles of oil mist and soot fall into the liquid accumulation tank, and the polluted air containing small oil mist enters. After pretreatment of stainless steel wire mesh, after rectification, collision, condensation and other processes, oil mist and smoke are blocked on the wire mesh, and condensed into droplets that fall into the liquid accumulation tank under the action of gravity.

The polluted air containing fine dust and oil mist enters the electrostatic filter section. Under the action of the 12KV DC high voltage field in the charging area (ionization area), the gas is ionized and a large number of free electrons and positive ions are generated. When the oil-containing gas passes through the presence of fixed ions In the space with electrons, ions and electrons will be attached to the smoke, the smoke attached to negative ions and electrons will be negatively charged, and the smoke attached to positive ions and electrons will be positively charged.

The soot with attached charge comes out of the charging area and enters the dust collecting area. Under the action of the 6KV electric field, the charged soot moves in the opposite direction of its polarity, the soot is adsorbed on the electrode, and the fine soot and oil mist are separated and clean. The air is directly discharged into the air through the fan under the action of the negative pressure of the fan.


Technical Feature

The collecting hood and the side seals are all modular structures, which meet the overall lifting requirements and facilitate the maintenance, disassembly and assembly of the die-casting machine in the later stage;

The collection hood is divided into split and integral designs. The split structure is used for the automatic displacement of the collection hood, which is convenient for automatic control, taking into account the collection of waste gas and the use of on-site working conditions.

Equipped with industrial standard platform, safety guardrail, support column, maintenance stairs;

Breaking the traditional design concept, there is no pipeline on site, which not only reduces the maintenance and cleaning in the pipeline, but also eliminates the long-term oil accumulation and spontaneous combustion safety hazards in the pipeline.

Small wind resistance, large suction and high purification efficiency;

The fan, purification module and the compressor are linked to start and stop or operate with variable frequency, which is more energy-saving;

Optional automatic cleaning control system, movable, all-round, no dead angle, more thorough cleaning;

Optional UV or activated carbon deodorization system is available to meet the strict deodorization requirements of the workshop;

Long service life, up to 12-15 years.

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