Big Capacity M1.0-6.0 Industrial Pneumatic, Brushless Auotmation Screw Feeder

Big Capacity M1.0-6.0 Industrial Pneumatic, Brushless Auotmation Screw Feeder
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Tools / Electric Power Tools
Label:Screw Feeder , Automatic Screw , Screw
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Product Description

Model No.: E-SF108
Applied screw: various types of screws including screw with washer (max. length=18mm)
Applied screw: M1.0-6.0 or customized
Apllied screw length: 2.7-25mm or customized
Apllied screw head: 1.0-12mm or customized
Feeding speed: 60-80pcs/minute input
Capacity: optional 4200/5000/8000pcs
Product dimension:320(W)*145(D)*270(H)mm
G.W 5.5+0.8kgs

Operation manual,
DC power supply(input: 100~220V,output:DC15V)

Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant
Material:Stainless Steel
Material Feature:Heat Resistant
Structure:Conveyor System
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Power:working power 50W
Warranty: One year
After Warranty Service:Video technical support, Online support
Key word:Auto screw feeder
Application:electronics, optical, precision instruments, automobile industry
Feature:Easy operation
Function:Automatic Feeding
Advantage:Save Labor High Efficiency

1, Installation site

1. Please operate the machine in a clean environment;

2. Please avoid using and storing the machine in the open air, high temperature and wet environment;

3. Please do not install the machine near the electromagnetic interference source;

2, Operating ambient temperature

1. Ambient temperature: 5-35 ºC.

2. Relative humidity: the humidity range shall be 20-95%.

3. Transportation and storage: Please try to avoid excessive humidity, vibration, pressure and mechanical impact during transportation.

It can be transported and stored within the range of - 25-55 ºC, and can withstand the high temperature not exceeding 65 ºC within 24 hours.

3, Inspection items before use

1. Number of screws to be put in: Do not put too many screws in one time, and do not push against the bottom of the screw guide rail, otherwise the moving direction and transmission speed of the screws will be affected.

2. Inspection and adjustment of track vibration

The transmission speed of the screw varies with the screw model. This screw driver adjusts the screw transmission speed according to the motor rotation adjustment range. If the adjustment range is large, the screw driver will vibrate greatly Therefore, the most appropriate range shall be adjusted according to the type of screw being used to reach the most appropriate state.

4, Prohibitions

1. When using, please do not put anything other than the product into the equipment;

2. Please pay attention to the soldering head to avoid scalding;

3. When overhauling the machine, please shut down the machine and cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock or short circuit.

4. Note: A Do not damage and lubricate the rail and blanking structure B. Do not use force to damage the lock mouth and related mechanical accessories

5. If you have a rest or do not work for a long time, please unplug the power supply and turn off the air supply.

5, Power supply

Please use 12V5A DC power adapter, and ensure that the relevant circuit is grounded. Using ungrounded circuit power may lead to unstable machine signal.

6, Operation process

1. Turn on the power switch on the equipment

2. Check whether the air source is above 5.5MPA

3. Whether the feeding pipe and relevant air pipe are connected properly

4. Double click the electric screwdriver button when removing the screw for the first time (click the electric screwdriver working button twice within 0.5 seconds). When the screws are locked, the electric screwdriver will automatically brake. At this time, it is necessary to lift the electric screwdriver to leave the product surface, and then release the electric screwdriver working switch. The electric screwdriver cylinder will automatically descend and send a screw out.

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Big Capacity M1.0-6.0 Industrial Pneumatic, Brushless Auotmation Screw Feeder 1Big Capacity M1.0-6.0 Industrial Pneumatic, Brushless Auotmation Screw Feeder 2Big Capacity M1.0-6.0 Industrial Pneumatic, Brushless Auotmation Screw Feeder 3Big Capacity M1.0-6.0 Industrial Pneumatic, Brushless Auotmation Screw Feeder 4Big Capacity M1.0-6.0 Industrial Pneumatic, Brushless Auotmation Screw Feeder 5

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