Pure titanium aerator head for sewage treatment

Pure titanium aerator head for sewage treatment
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Product Description

Pure titanium aeration head is a kind of advanced sewage treatment equipment parts made by international advanced technology. The main part of the pure titanium aeration head is made of industrial pure titanium powder as the main raw material, and molds of different styles and sizes are customized according to customer needs. After the titanium powder is pressurized and formed, it is sintered in high temperature vacuum, and finally the connection interface is put into use.

The pure titanium aeration head produced by TopTiTech has uniform structure, small aeration bubble diameter, high aeration efficiency, convenient installation, low energy consumption, and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in sewage treatment, industrial organic wastewater treatment, and oxidation pool equipment. and biofilters, etc.

Product Categories

spherical aerator head

Bottom diameter: 150mm-200mm

Flat aerator head

Diameter: 100mm-300mm

Tube aerator head

Diameter: 14mm-80mm

Length: 10mm-1000mm

Product parameters

Product name: pure titanium aerator head for sewage treatment

Material: pure titanium

Aeration accuracy: 0.22-100 microns

Porosity: 30%-40%


1. The aeration aperture is fine and uniform, and the efficiency is high;

2. The air bubbles diffuse evenly, and there will be no clogging of pores;

3. High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance;

4. Fast oxygenation speed;

5. Washable and reusable;

6. Customizable.

Working principle

Aeration is mainly used in sewage biological treatment

In the sewage treatment tank, the porous pure titanium aeration head can greatly increase the oxygen content in the sewage, thereby satisfying the activity of microorganisms that adsorb sewage impurities and increasing the sewage treatment rate.

Whether it is the treatment and purification of urban sewage, industrial sewage, etc., it is inseparable from the use of pure titanium aerators.


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