50 Micron Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Pipe

50 Micron Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Pipe
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Product Description

50 Micron Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Pipe


50 micron stainless steel wire mesh filter pipe is a unique material ideal for purification and filtration. It is made by permanently bonding multiple layers of woven wire mesh panels using heat and pressure through a sintering process, which fuses individual wires and adjacent layers of mesh. This creates a material with exceptional mechanical properties, and it can have 5, 6, or 7 layers of wire mesh.

50 micron stainless steel wire mesh filter pipe is highly versatile and effective in a wide range of applications requiring various openings. They can be used in combination with perforated metal and expanded metal to enhance their filtration capabilities in harsh environmental conditions. TOPTITECH custom-made stainless steel filters are available in single or multiple layers of woven wire mesh, and we offer a range of stainless-steel weaving styles, including plain, twill, plain Dutch, and reverse Dutch twill weaves. TOPTITECH wire mesh filters can be stamped, sintered, soldered, welded, and rolled to size to meet your specific requirements.

Overall, 50 micron stainless steel wire mesh filter pipe is a reliable and effective solution for anyone in need of high-quality filtration and purification solutions. Its exceptional mechanical properties, versatility, and customization options make it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.




Material: SUS 304 SUS 304L SUS 316 SUS 316L other alloys available as required

Layer: 1-5 or as required

Micron size: 1-300 um

Technique: Sintering

Wall Thickness : 10-50mm or as required

Length: 10-1200mm

Diameter: 10 - 80mm

Porosity: 35% -60%



1. Increased stability: Because of the sintering process' increased stability, mesh with a higher proportion of open sections or that needs a secure pore size is a great candidate.

2. Superior strength: Sintered wire cloth's intrinsic strength allows for high-pressure backwashing and good resistance to tears and punctures.

3.Reusability: Diffusion metal wire cloth may be used repeatedly without diminishing quality or performance because it is so tough and simple to clean.

4. Simple to make: Sintered wire cloth is quite simple to make. For applications requiring regulated permeability, it can be shaped into depth filter medium.

5. Flexibility: Diffusion bonded wire cloth is a versatile material that may be used to combine different layers of square plain weave wire mesh to provide a variety of filtration and flow qualities.


Products Application

  • Aerospace and oil/gas industries
  • Solvents, paints, water
  • Filtration, sifting, sizing
  • Vents
  • Baskets
  • Strainers
  • Faucet Screens
  • Insect Screens
  • Decorative wire mesh grilles
  • Guards
  • Decorative/craft applications



Different type

According to the number of layers, sintered mesh laminate can be divided into two series: single layer sintered mesh laminate and multiple layers sintered mesh laminate.


Single-layer sintered mesh laminate
Despite being employed in several applications, single layer woven wire mesh is not without its flaws. For instance, because the pore size has been compromised, the mesh has a tendency to shred at the edges and wires may shift within the weave, changing the entire structure and lowering the filter grade.
The sintering procedure, which combines heat and pressure, creates molecular diffusion-welds at every single "intersection" in the wire mesh where the wires cross over and below one another in order to improve the mechanical and filtering capacities.


Multiple Layer Sintered Mesh Laminate

Multiple layer sintered mesh laminate, with layers ranging from two to more than 25, offers improved mechanical qualities for filters and applications involving harsh environments. One-layer wire mesh is not structurally rigid and is readily damaged when used for filtering, separation, and sifting. A deep filter media may tolerate a high pressure drop by adding to one or more layers sequentially and sintering them.
Six-layer sintered mesh is made to add one layer of 12-mesh on top of a sturdy base of five-layer sintered mesh. Six-layer sintered mesh laminate is a three-in-one medical filter plate that may be used for filtering, washing, and drying. It comes in two varieties: split and monolithic construction.

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