Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels
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Product Description

 433MHZ Radio frequency technology

● Ensure 100% successful communication
● Wide range communications
● High speed price updating
● Anti-interference
● Widely used in different applications
● Low failure rate
● 1.54’’ to 11.6’’ different sizes
● Low cost ESL price tags for sale
● API / Protocol available

Electronic Shelf label system is also called ESL tag systems, it is made by E ink or E paper material and it can display product pricing by an electronic tag installed on the shelves to give perfect solution for retailers.

The pricing in different stores can be updated at the same time by the server in headquaters, it can save much labor cost and time, the Electronic shelf label system is usually used to replace the paper label and installed at the same place on the shelf, there is a base station in the store to receive data from server and send data to each of the ESL tag and change the pricing finally. 

The ESL tags are widely used in supermarkets, stores, Warehouses Chain shops, meetings, exhibitions, etc. 

Dongguan Yomo – one of the main Electronic shelf label system Manufacturers in China

Electronic shelf labels factory with more than 15 years experiences in ESL system business

API / Protocol available for ESL tag system integration 

can be redeveloped and customized

Customized standalone and network software

Low-price-cost but High-tech with latest chips

433MHZ subG Radio frequency technology

3 times Ensure 100% successful communication

Up to 50 meters Wide range communications

High speed price updating ( up to 20000pcs tags per hour)

Anti-interference ( Not interfered by WIFI, Can pass through walls)

Widely used in different applications ( Retail, warehouse logistics, production line)

Low failure rate ( below 0.5%)

1.54'' to 11.6'' different sizes

Electronic shelf labels: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Why do we use Electronic shelf labels?

Paper labels are time-consuming, laborious and costly. With the advancement of technology, we have a better alternative: Electronic Shelf label.


Competition in the retail industry is becoming increasingly fierce. With the rise of online shopping, we are facing even greater challenges.


Only by continuously using advanced technology to reduce operating costs and improve customer experience can we keep up with the trend of the times and be in the cruel to stand out from the competition, the electronic shelf label is one of these high-tech products, allowing the retail industry to change prices more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, while also allowing customers to have a better experience during shopping.


Advantages of the digital price tags comparing with the paper labels: 

The clerk does not need to go to the store to change the label

Real-time price changes

Encrypted and secure transmission

Headquarters control supervision

Changing prices is more convenient and faster

Different color digital price tags can provide better promotion assistance.

Uniform and efficient chain store price changes

The price change is more rigorous and the error rate is lower.

Reduce operating costs and reduce paper waste

Conducive to environmental protection and protection of nature by using digital price tags


How many sizes for the ESL labels? More than 6 sizes for sale

1.54" Electronic shelf labels
1.54" Electronic shelf labels

2.13" digital price tag
2.13" digital price tag

2.9" ESL price tag
2.9" ESL price tag


4.2" Electronic price tag
4.2" Electronic price tag

7.5" E ink price tag
7.5"E ink price tag

11.6" E paper price tag
11.6" E paper price tag


How do ESL labels work?

1. ESL labels: installed on the shelf to display the price and product information.

2. Base station: receive data from server and send data to ESL labels

3. PDA (handheld): input the products bar-code and price tag ID

4.Servers in headquarters send new price to base stations in each store, base stations send data to each ESL label to change the pricing and the merchandise information.

What are the benefits of using ESL price tags?

Manually printing and replacing price tags one by one is time-consuming, laborious and costly. ESL price tag saves a lot of labor costs, and more efficiently and conveniently replaces commodity prices and information, especially in the use of chain stores, ESL price tag saves a lot of money, the cost of manpower, material resources, time and money.


Do you supply ESL price tag demo kit for testing?

Yes. ESL demo kit is available, which includes all sizes of ESL price tags, base station, software and some accessories.


Can we integrate digital price tag to our own system?

Yes. API and protocol can be provided, so that you can develop your own software or integrate with your own system (POS/WMS).


What battery does ESL price tag use? What is the battery life? Can customers replace the battery by themselves?

ESL price tags use non-rechargeable button battery (CR2450) and the battery life is about 5 years. Customers can buy the battery in local easily and replace battery by themselves.


How many ESL system base stations are needed per store?

A single base station can cover up to 5 thousand ESL tags, and has 30-50 meters radius coverage area.


What transmission technology do you use for your pricer ESL tag?

Transmission Technology: Radio frequency 433MHz, Anti-interference from mobile phone and other WIFI equipment. 


Is the Electronic price tag easy to use? 

Electronic shelf label (also called Electronic price tag, digital price tag, e-ink tag) are simple and effective to use. For whole electronic pricing systems, you only need: electronic price tags, slide rails, brackets and adapters used to connect the price tags, ESL software that links the commodity management system and cash register with the electronic price tag and access points for data transmission (Gateway/ base station) from ESL system to price tag


How to choose suitable Electronic Shelf Labels for our stores?

Choose ESL tag according to size and product type in the store: 6 size digital price tags in total and 2.13 inch ESL tag is the most used in the store. 4.2 inch and 7.5 inch ESL labels are often used in aquatic products, vegetables and fruits area. 

Besides, waterproof Electronic shelf labeling and ESL label for frozen food are also available. 


Can the template for Electronic shelf labeling be designed and customized in the software?

There are several templates in the software now, such as specials, promotions, new products, hot sales, etc. It can also be customized. Dot-matrix image display, format text, Excel files, data intermediate tables, custom development and other docking methods are supported. 


Are Electronic Shelf Labels waterproof?

4.2 inch ESL tag is waterproof, with standard IP67.  


How to install the ESL tag? 

There is a range of accessories for each size ESL digital price tag to meet your requirements. It includes T-shape Hanger, Display Stand, back clip, box, pole and so one. Please check the details in the below:


Is there software for Electronic Shelf label system? Can it be integrated with the POS system to automate price changes?

There are 2 kinds of soft ware. One is the stand-alone software for single stores; the other is the network software for chain stores. Both are neutral.

If you need to integrate with the POS system, network software should be installed firstly, and API protocol is supported too.

If you don’t need our software or want to develop your own software, SDK is also supported.  


Electronic Shelf label system software


What certificates do you have?  

CE FCC UL…etc. and it is up to your request.

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