Brushed grade copper antibacterial masterbatch

Brushed grade copper antibacterial masterbatch
Origin:Made In China
Category:Textile & Leather / Textile Materials / Others
Label:Copper antibacterial , Drawing grade copper , antibacterial master
Price: ¥180 / pc
Min. Order:100 pc
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Product Description

Wire drawing grade copper antibacterial masterbatch is made from fiber grade nano copper powder as raw material, with a gray appearance, and can be used to produce copper yarn through spinning process. Mushroom shaped microporous structured nano copper has strong adsorption and killing ability on microorganisms, which can kill various bacteria, fungi, and viruses, prevent the growth of fungi, and with its excellent specific surface area, nano copper can adsorb various harmful odors such as VOC, playing an antibacterial, deodorizing, and antiviral role.


The antibacterial mechanism of copper: Under the attraction of electric charges, positively charged copper ions come into contact with negatively charged bacteria. Copper ions can enter the bacterial cell, causing the cell wall to break and the cell fluid to flow out, resulting in bacterial death. At the same time, copper ions entering the cell can interact with protein enzymes in the bacterial cell, causing enzyme denaturation and inactivation, thereby killing bacteria.


Product parameters:


Product Name


Brushed grade copper antibacterial masterbatch








Brown gray particles


Copper content




Primary particle size


Around 100nm


Melt Index (MI)


2-12 g/10min


Intrinsic viscosity (IV)


0.40~0.65 dL/g


melting point


120~260 ℃


Moisture content


≤ 0.03%


Filter pressure value FPV




Product features:


Good spinnability, nylon similar to 7048, polyester 7548, no resistance;


The antibacterial and deodorizing effect is significant, with a sterilization rate of over 99%;


Excellent antiviral performance, with an H1N1 virus inactivation rate of over 99%;


Safe and environmentally friendly, free from toxic and harmful substances.


Product Usage:


Used for developing antibacterial and deodorizing socks, sports shoes, leather shoe linings, clothing fabrics, etc;


Used for developing household items such as mattresses, four piece sets on beds, carpets, curtains, etc.




S est adding 3-4%, mix evenly with ordinary drawing grade plastic slices, and produce according to the original process. We can provide various plastic substrates according to customer requirements, such as polyester PET, nylon PA6, etc.


Packaging and storage:


Packaging: 1 kg/bottle, 25 kg/bag.


Storage: Store in a cool, dry, and tidy place.

Payment Terms:Delivery upon payment
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