TOPTITECH Sintered Porous Air Sparger Nano Oxygen Generator

TOPTITECH Sintered Porous Air Sparger Nano Oxygen Generator
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Product Description

TOPTITECH Sintered Porous Air Sparger Nano Oxygen Generator

Optimal mass transfer of gases such as oxygen or carbon dioxide is difficult to achieve in bioreactor systems. Oxygen in particular is insoluble in water and even more so in cell cultures, so oxygen transfer is assisted by mixing nutrients and stirring to homogenize the fermentation. Stirring alone does not provide sufficient mass transfer because stirring speeds are limited due to the damage that can be caused to organisms.


The use of a TOPTITECH Porous Metal Distributor greatly increases the mass transfer rate of the plant. Millions of tiny bubbles introduce gases into the stirred or unstirred reaction vessel, increasing the gas-liquid contact area for optimal mass transfer rates.




Material: stainless steel powder 304/316L

Pore Size: customized

Quality: Food grade

Usage: Home brew beer, beverages, gas aeration or hydroponic farming



-High permeability and particle size retention

-Works at high temperatures and pressures

-Cost and processing time savings

-Improved product quality



Working principle and steps

An air sparger is a device used to introduce air or gas into a liquid in a controlled and evenly distributed manner. It typically works in a few steps:


Connection to Air Supply: The air sparger is connected to an air supply line or source of compressed air. This can be through a tube or pipe connected to the sparger's inlet.


Generation of Gas Flow: The air supply or compressor generates a flow of air or gas (such as oxygen) which is then directed towards the air sparger.


Distribution and Dispersion: The air sparger is designed with specific features like perforations, pores, or a diffuser element. When the pressurized air or gas reaches the sparger, it's dispersed through these features in a controlled manner.


Introduction into Liquid: The air sparger is immersed in the liquid that requires aeration or gas infusion. As the air or gas is released through the sparger's perforations or pores, it forms bubbles that rise through the liquid.


Bubble Formation: The gas exits the sparger as fine bubbles due to the design of the sparger element. The size and distribution of bubbles can vary based on the specific design and purpose of the air sparger. In some cases, air spargers are designed to produce micro-sized bubbles for more efficient gas transfer.


Even Dispersion: The primary goal of an air sparger is to evenly distribute the bubbles throughout the liquid medium. This ensures that the gas (oxygen, in the case of hydroponics) is effectively dispersed, providing maximum contact area between the gas and the liquid.


Aeration or Oxygenation: In the context of hydroponics, where the nutrient solution needs oxygenation for the plant roots, the rising bubbles created by the air sparger facilitate the transfer of oxygen from the air to the liquid, enhancing the dissolved oxygen levels in the solution.


Enhanced Oxygen Levels: The increased oxygen levels in the nutrient solution benefit plant growth by improving nutrient uptake, root health, and overall plant vigor.


In essence, the air sparger functions as a device to efficiently introduce and disperse air or gas into a liquid, ensuring that it's evenly distributed and dispersed as bubbles throughout the liquid medium to enhance oxygenation or aeration in various applications, including hydroponic farming.


Common Applications

In hydroponic farming, maintaining adequate oxygen levels in the nutrient solution is crucial for healthy plant growth. The sintered porous carbonation stone combined with the air sparger or bubble diffuser helps in oxygenating the nutrient solution, providing essential oxygen to the plant roots and promoting better nutrient absorption and overall plant health.


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