Laser Bevel Cutting Machine

Laser Bevel Cutting Machine
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The quality of bevel cutting determines whether the workpiece can be welded firmly. Traditional metal cutting bevels mainly use turning, planing, milling, grinding and other methods. Cut workpieces generally have deep cuts, large thermal deformation, large gaps, and missing arc corners. The splicing process is difficult, the traditional process is cumbersome, and the production efficiency is low, making it unable to meet the needs of large-volume bevel cutting. The application of Baichuan bevel laser cutting machine has brought a major breakthrough to the processing of metal parts, and can better meet the cutting needs of related supporting three-dimensional parts such as shipbuilding industry, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, etc.

1. Grooving before welding: Before metal welding, it is usually necessary to groove the weld to improve the strength and quality of the welded joint. Laser cutting machines can be used to cut precise groove shapes to meet different welding needs.
2. Steel structure processing: Laser cutting machines can be used to manufacture and process grooves in steel structures, such as steel bridges, steel buildings, steel beams, etc. Through bevel cutting, optimized joints and connections can be achieved, ensuring structural stability and safety.
3. Pipe manufacturing: In the pipeline manufacturing process, bevel cutting is often required to achieve precise fitting of pipe connections and joints. Laser cutting machines can be used to cut bevel shapes suitable for pipe connections, improving the quality and efficiency of pipes.

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