3-in-1 laser cutting air compressor

3-in-1 laser cutting air compressor
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Product Description

Integrated, easy to install:

Save the trouble of self equipped with gas storage tank, cold dryer and filter for customer;

Save the trouble of connecting pipe installation

High efficiency refrigerated dryer and level 5 high efficiency precision filter are used to ensure that pure compressed air is obtained, and the pressure dew point is as low as 2-8 ǡC

Real time air quality monitoring, internal and external dual pressure display, cold coal gas pressure

Centralized post-treatment drainage, which is conducive to keeping the customer's site clean

Permanent magnet variable-frequency screw compressor ensures stable working pressure

Influence of compressed air quality on laser cutting quality

The compressed air contains water mist and oil. If it is not cleaned, the high-pressure jet will be sprayed onto the protective mirror surface of the laser cutting head, which will seriously affect the transmission of the laser beam, and the focus will be scattered, leading to incomplete product cutting and waste products.

3-in-1 laser cutting air compressor Application:

Mold industry, light and heavy industry, mining, hydropower, seaport, engineering construction, oil and gas field, railway, pharmaceutical industry, transportation, automobile repair, electronic industry, electric power industry, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, food industry, printing industry.

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