Zero Tailing 3 Chuck Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Zero Tailing 3 Chuck Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine
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Product Description

The Three-chuck Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine utilizes a three-card linkage system and dual pneumatic clamping to achieve simultaneous step-up and segmented feeding cutting. This feature allows for zero tail cutting, thereby improving material utilization. This professional pipe cutting equipment is available in power options ranging from 1000 to 6000 watts. Additionally, the machine can be equipped with an optional loading and unloading device.

This cutting machine ensures superior cutting quality, stability, and precision. It delivers fine cuts with smooth edges, eliminating deformation and burrs. These features make it suitable for meeting the cutting requirements of various users.


1. The bed adopts welded structure, which is rough machined after annealing, then subjected to vibration aging treatment, and then finished, which can completely eliminate the stress of welding and processing, with good rigidity, high precision, and can be used without deformation for a long time;

2. The front and rear adopt double pneumatic chuck clamping design, and the rear chuck is equipped with an air blowing device to reduce the slag attached to the pipe wall during the cutting process. The clamping strength can be adjusted arbitrarily, and different strengths can bear different loads, so as to avoid the deformation of the thin pipe clamp and the loose clamp of the thick pipe.

3. The humanized design of the whole machine makes the best use of raw materials while improving the cutting efficiency, reduces production costs, and achieves "0" tailings.

4. It adopts a laser cutting machine-specific bus CNC system based on Windows operating system. This series of systems is a laser cutting machine-specific CNC system. It integrates a variety of laser cutting control dedicated function modules, with powerful functions and easy operation;Combined with the tube nesting software TubesT, it can achieve co-edge cutting, saving time and materials.

5. The cutting head adopts capacitive sensor, which has high sensing precision, sensitive response, stable and reliable performance; no manual focus is required, and the software automatically adjusts the focusing mirror to realize automatic perforation and cutting of plates with different thicknesses. Automatically adjusting the focus lens is ten times faster than manual adjustment.

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