Supply of metal heating Induction Heating Equipment

Supply of metal heating Induction Heating Equipment
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Produces high-frequency dielectric heating equipment and high-frequency induction heating equipment.
There are various power high-frequency welding machine (high frequency), high-frequency induction heating equipment (tube high-frequency, high frequency transistors, high frequency machine), bending wood with a high-frequency equipment. High-frequency heat sealing machine suitable for inflatable toys, plastic bags, all kinds of tape of the welding, slippers, handbags, wallets, belts, bags, umbrellas raincoats, inflatable furniture, stationery, stickers, various documents leather processing.
Frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, the advantages compared to conventional heating equipment are: 1, ultra-small size, covering less than 1 square; 2,24 hours of uninterrupted work; 3, energy saving, production costs low; 4, the installation, operation is very convenient, that school that will; 5, heating speed, to reduce surface oxidation; 6, to avoid surface decarburization, improve product quality; 7, greatly improve the workshop environment. Main application areas: First, heat (hot forging, hot co-melting): 1, forging it mainly for heating the workpiece to a certain temperature (heating temperature according to different materials are different), by punching, forging, or other form of bed Forging parts into other shapes. For example: Case, table embryo, handle, mold, kitchen tableware, crafts, standard parts, fasteners, machine parts, lock, rivets, drill rod, drill a hot extrusion, and so on. 2, it mainly refers to heat with different kinds of metal between the metal and nonmetal or between the metal by heating, using thermal expansion of the solution or melt the principle so that the two together. For example: computer copper and aluminum radiator, horn net value of the buried welding, steel-plastic composite pipe, aluminum foil seal (toothpaste), rotor, electric tube sealing and so on. 3, it mainly refers to the melting of metals by high temperature, the metal into the liquid, mainly used in iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, and various precious metals. Such as gold, silver melt. Second, the heat treatment (surface hardening): It is mainly through the process of heating the workpiece material hardness of the metal after making changes, specific applications are as follows: 1, various hardware tools, hand tools. Such as pliers, wrench, hammer, ax, screwdriver, scissors (scissors gardening) and quenching; 2, a variety of automotive, motorcycle accessories. Such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, wheel, aluminum wheels, valves, rocker shaft, drive axle, a small shaft, fork, etc. quenching; 3, various power tools. Such as gear, shaft; 4, the machine tool industry category. Such as machine tool bed, Machine Tool, etc. quenching; 5, various hardware metal parts, machining parts. Such as shaft, gear (sprocket), cam, clamps, fixtures, etc. quenching; 6, the metal mold industries. Such as small mold, die attachment, die quenching the hole, etc.; three welding (brazing, silver soldering, brazing): It is mainly through heating to a certain temperature to melt the solder, thus two kinds of the same material or different materials metal together, specific applications are as follows: 1, the welding of various metal cutting tools: diamond tools, grinding, drilling, alloy saw blade, carbide turning tool, milling cutter, reamer, planer, woodworking drill bits and other welding ; 2, the welding of metal mechanical parts: hardware bathroom products, refrigeration, copper fittings, lighting accessories, precision mold parts, metal handle, mixer, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper, copper and copper equivalent or different kinds of metal metals silver welding, brazing; 3, composite solder pot is mainly used for round, square and other shaped surface stainless steel pot with three-layer aluminum brazing can also be used for other flat metal brazing. 4, an electric kettle (electric coffee pot) of hot plate welding is mainly used for stainless steel flat-bottomed, aluminum heating pipe with a variety of shapes between the brazing. Fourth, annealing (tempering, quenching): 1, annealed stainless steel industry. Such as stainless steel pots, cans annealing stretching, curling, and annealing annealing sink, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel tableware, stainless steel cup; 2, other metal parts of the annealing. Such as golf club heads, clubs, helium and head, metal copper fittings, knife handles, blade, aluminum pan, aluminum barrel, aluminum radiator and a variety of aluminum products.
Can also provide you tube, high frequency capacitor, SCR, cold cut saw blades and other equipment commonly used in high-frequency welded pipe fittings.
Part of the tube model (not exhaustive):
FU-7 (807) FU-811J FU-81J FU-33J (833A) FU-501J FU-605 (FU-3051F, 6T51) FU-606F (6T58RA) FU-3062F (E3062C, 7T62R) FU-724F FU- 8801F (7T84RB) FU-915F / S 7T85RB (FU-8802F, FU-947F) 7T69RB (FU-8702F, FU-946F) FU-824F 8T85RB (FU-8703F) ITL5-1 FU-834FA 8T25RB (FU-8025F) ITL12-1 3CX10000D3 FU-10S FU-921S FU-22S FU-307S FU-924F FU-308S 3CX15000H3 FU-431S FU-433S FD-911S FD-934S FD-912S FD-935S
Part of the high-voltage ceramic capacitors:
CCG81-8, CCG81-7, CCG81-6, CCG81-5, CCG81-4, CCG81-3
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