Selaed cup pad printer(PM1-100TP)

Selaed cup pad printer(PM1-100TP)
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Product Description

      The pad printing machine is an indirect printing process that realizes printing with the help of a soft pad printing pad. The pad printing pad continuously moves back and forth on the printing plate and the surface of the product to transfer ink, and a certain amount of ink will remain on the surface of the pad after repeated accumulation. Accumulation to a certain extent will affect the printing clarity, so the operator should often stop the machine to wipe the ink on the surface of the pad printing head. This action can now also be done automatically by installing an automatic rubber head cleaning device on the pad printing machine.
    The automatic rubber head cleaning device is to install an automatically movable adhesive tape on the front or side of the steel plate. After the pad printing machine completes the set printing times, it prints on the tape once, and the remaining ink will be automatically removed. The automatic rubber head cleaning device reduces the steps for workers to manually clean the rubber head, reduces the manual intervention in the operation of the pad printing machine, and improves the printing quality. Now relatively high-end pad printing machines and automatic pad printing machines are basically equipped with this device, and the printing quality is further guaranteed. 

One color pad printer with automatically pad-clean device //Structure

Working table

Standard working table with 3-size adjustment

Ink supply system

Closed -type system

Plate type 

10mm Thick steel plate.

Pad dropping control

Simple-cylinder , simultaneously pressing

One color pad printer//Usage and characters


  • Installing pad clean device to increase the pad printing quality;
  • With sealed cup to protect environment , VOC volatilization reduced 86% and save ink over 25%.
  • With coin aluminum structure ensure more stabilization and long life.
  • Independent cylinder to drive sealed cup ensure removing ink completely. Make min Pressure to remove ink and prolong the life of sealed cup and steel plate;
  • Both thick steel plates and thin steel plates installed , Choose according to customer requirements.
  • Can print almost small size objects . So sold very nice in the world.
  • Widely used in the industry field of cosmetics case, electron parts, Toys, plastics production, Housewares, gifts, decorations.
  • Completely printing solution including ink and thinner , fixtures, steel plates, rubber pads provided when you send us samples;

Application fields

Electrons, hardware, autos, toys, gifts, Plastics, household appliances, artwork, stationery, adornment, cosmetic, commodity, sport goods, decorative lightings, woodwork, office supplies, Photo Materials, Kitchen utensils, Hotel supplies, Computer, Mobile, etc., industrial field.

One color pad printer //Parameter

Technical parameters


  • Max. steel plate: 100 ×200mm;
  • Ink cup size: Ф90mm;
  • Max. printing area :80×80 mm ;
  • Printable color quantity:1;
  • Max. printing speed: 1300 pcs/h。



  • Max. plate size: 100×250mm;
  • Ink cup diameter: Ф90mm;
  • Max. printing area: 80×130mm;
  • Max. printing speed: 1100pcs/h;
  • Printable color quantity:1
  • Max. plate size: 100×300mm;
  • Ink cup diameter: Ф90mm;
  • Max. printing area: 80×170mm;
  • Max. printing speed: 1000pcs/h;
  • Printable color quantity:1

Works supply

  • 110V-220VPower supply;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air;

Package list

  • Package size:0.970×0.900×1.480m;
  • Gross weight: 126KG;
  • CBM: 1.2921





One color pad printer //Advantage


  • Automatically pad clean device for more high printing quality;
  • Using the dimensional modulating table, can be up and down, front, left, and rotation of the adjustment, which will help precise printing;
  • T-slot structure, easy installation of fixtures and products;
  • Hand pick and place workpiece, operating more handy;
  • Microcomputer program control, the movement is more accurate and reliable;
  • Test machine can be a single action adjustment, adjustment is completed, you can use the automatic mode of operation;
  • Equipped with four counters, can effectively measure the number of products;
  • Structure using die-casting aluminum, lightweight and solid.
  • Independent Rubber pad up and down stroke and speed adjustment function;
  • Sealed cup ink system, ink savings, and also to prevent the ink in the VOC emission into the air pollution of the environment, health protection of operating personnel;
  • Sealed cup glide independent driving cylinder Blade pressure and Ink Removing Completely;
  • Either use the tungsten steel ring, you can use a ceramic ring, and easy to replace;
  • Temporary shutdown can prevent the ink to dry within the Sealed cup with INK function;
  • World famous pneumatic components to ensure the long service life of machine;
  • Rubber sliding shaft with hardened guide shaft grinding of high hardness, good abrasion resistance.
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