luxury strong room doors

luxury strong room doors
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Price: US $12000 / pc
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Product Description

Wenbao series strongroom doors apply to financial institutions. The door body and door frame are made of fine steel or stainless steel plate with special alloy (anti-cutting, anti-drilling) and refractory filler. The door is equipped with Japan strobe and morn than two imported mechanic password locks and forelock implementation machine.

    It can also be installed with the mechanical time lock or the electronic time lock, the security heavy lock, the emergency door, fingerprint identification system, two computer-controlling system, automatic ventilation system, computer burglary alarm system and so on according to customers’ requirement.

    According to the People's Republic of Chinafinancial industry standard “Strong room door” (JR/T0001-2000) and the People's Republic of China the Public Safety Industry standard “Strong room doors common technical conditions” (GA/T143-1996), the strong rooms designed and manufactured by our company have achieved the highest marks of level 3 for resistance against strong destruction.


Feature 1 :With Completely solid movable latch on one side, this door is much stronger and safer than the cylindrical latch r. It has fixed latch on the other side. After closing the door, the latch will be stretched out and inserted in the doorframe. The latch andgate troughclasps .Even if the strong room door postsuffers adestruction,the gate body cannot be separated from the doorframe,to guarantee the security.

Feature 2: The Strong room door is equipped with three mechanical numerical combination locks manufactured by American S&G Company with a ‘UL’ authentication, having four passwords, with a combination of 100 million.

Feature 3 :The Strong room door has a heavy security lock device;

Feature 4:Locking options include the time lock, fingerprint identification system, palm print lock or electronic password lock

Feature 5 :have hoisting devices, Have two guard switches, one connect to alarming system and another controls the electronic devices in the strong room.

Feature 6 :There is completely stainless steel bar

Feature 7 :In addition to the main strong room door, there is an emergency strong room door with the same features and performance as the main strong room door


Stainless steel burglar resistance strong room door provides state-of–the-art appearance and operate easily.

The locking bar:
A full-length solid locking bar assures top-to-bottom contact with the door’s locking jamb. On the hinge side a fixed locking bar performs the same function.

The daygate:
The daygate is key-operated from both sides. A swinging gate is standard but a sliding gate is available as an option. Both gates can be mounted to operate either from the left or the right.

Flat sill:
To allow easy passage for teller cart, the sill has been designed to be at the same level with the floor of the inside and the outside of the vault.

The time lock:
In addition to the combination locks, Time lock assures security as long as the time lock is in good condition. The precision is available with two or three movements and can be set for time periods up to 144 hours.

Microswitch connection:
A built-in microswitch can be provided on the doorframe. The switch can be hooked up to the vault lights to have them turn on and off automatically and to the alarm system to activate it when the door is opened by unauthorized persons.

Maintenance-free finish:
All surface of the doors including the full-length locking bar, the door edges and the jamb, is in stainless steel finish.

Unsurpassed anti-burglary protection:
The entire door is reinforced with exclusive protective armor plate, which provides complete protection against torches, drills and explosive.

Three combination locks:
Three combination locks provide extra protection. Unlocking any two will open the door. The four-wheel combination locks are concealed behind a hinged front panel. When this panel opens its shields the combination locks to insure privacy when unlocking the door. When the combination lock is attacked, A relock device takes effect instantly.


Total thickness of door(mm)
Dimension of Clear Opening
H*W (mm)
Frame size
Quantity of Locks(set)
jkm3-wb05 350 1950*900 2200*1340 3 1150
jkm3-wb06 350 2000*900 2250*1340 3 1250
jkm3-wb07 350 1950*1000 2200*1440 3 1350
jkm3-wb08 350 2000*1000 2250*1440 3 1450


1. It is designed and manufactured according to<<Vault Door>> (JR/T0001-2000) standard of Chinese Finance Trade and <<General technology condition of Vault door>>(GA/T 143-1996) standard of Chinese Security Trade. The power of attack resistance reaches the top rate: third.
2. The main door is made of 10mm thickness stainless steel sheet, the exterior is enclosed with stainless steel sheet, the interior is filled with special mix-filled material of burglary, fire, drill, shear resistance. With 3 sets of four-wheel combination locks made by America S&G company, the combination access of each lock is 100 million, we not only design the forms of unlocking, bur also set up the security relock system.
3. The products can be custom made.

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