Preferential supply high frequency induction heating equipment

Preferential supply high frequency induction heating equipment
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Qingdao High Frequency Electric Co., Ltd. mainly produces high-frequency dielectric heating equipment and high-frequency induction heating equipment. There are various power high-frequency induction heating equipment (high-frequency transistors, tubes HF) high frequency heat sealing machine, high frequency fiber dryer, high-frequency induction heating equipment, high-frequency wood bending equipment. Provide you tube, high frequency capacitor, thyristor, thyristor modules, high frequency welded pipe cold cutting saw blades and other equipment commonly used accessories. Imports of high-frequency equipment maintenance and transformation (using tubes made of high-quality alternative to expensive imported tube). Hope to establish contact with you, provide you with quality products and services. Applications induction heating equipment: hammer surface hardening, heat treatment tools, gear hardening, annealing stainless steel parts, motorcycle accessories hardening, heat treatment mold type, shaft hardening, quenching gardening scissors, copper annealing, quenching wheel, tap welding, standard hot forging parts, pipe heating, iron bars, heating, welding composite bottom of the pot, aluminum foil welding, welding handle, heat welding, woodworking tool planer welding, lathe welding, welded sanitary ware, wheel tangent wheel welding, carpentry welding serrated blade , air conditioning, welding accessories, polymer filter molding, melt together, precious metal smelting, aluminum welding, chuck molding, door locks welding, heat with heat with the soldering, melting, auto parts welding, soldering copper connectors, Motor short-circuit ring welding, drilling alloy welding, copper-plastic composite pipe heating, heating golf head, welded plastic knife, case forging, welding studs skiing, Clutch heat, thermal expansion Arbor, connecting rod annealing, industrial sewing machine needles plate quenching, tableware forging Selection Description: According to the output power, power and the achievement of different ways, through heat sensing equipment can be divided into a variety of models for different occasions, choose the right equipment can effectively reduce the investment in equipment and production costs . Frequency selection should follow the following principles: 1) the workpiece is heated magnetic material (such as iron, carbon steel, etc.) should be low frequency, non-magnetic material (such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.) frequency should be higher. 2) magnetic materials, the heating temperature does not exceed the Curie point (loss of field point) frequency should be lower than the Curie point, the frequency should be higher (can be segmented using different frequencies). 3) the workpiece closer to the cylinder, the more likely the heating, the frequency can be lower. Conversely, a higher frequency should be profiled. 4) cross-section of the workpiece is heated, the outer edge of the vortex area surrounded by the greater frequency should be lower, whereas higher. 5) If the workpiece is heated part of the ring on the barrel, or the internal sensor, heating efficiency, the frequency can be lower. If the sensor can be placed flat next to the heating efficiency is low, the frequency should be higher. Power options should consider the following factors: 1) the workpiece material (specific heat, magnetic properties, conductivity); 2) the quality of the workpiece effective heating zone; 3) heating temperature (temperature) 4) heating rate; 5) shape of the workpiece; 6 ) insulation.
Preferential supply high frequency induction heating equipment 1Preferential supply high frequency induction heating equipment 2Preferential supply high frequency induction heating equipment 3Preferential supply high frequency induction heating equipment 4

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