Vacuum Ceramic Disc Filter

Vacuum Ceramic Disc Filter
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Machinery / Filters
Label:ceramic filter , mining equipment , filter
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Product Description


Vacuum Ceramic Disc Filters are the solid/liquid separation equipment, used to dewater mineral concentrates and pelletising feed slurries. Microporous ceramic discs replace conventional filter cloth.
Important Features of Our Vacuum Ceramic Disc Filter:
1. High vacuum degree with maximum of -0.098MPa, low moisture of filter cake, normally 2-4% lower than moisture of the cake by traditional filters;
2. Low power and energy consumption, 10-20% of that of traditional filters;
3. Clear and transparent filtrates. Solid content is normally lower than 21mg/l and filtrate can be recycled or disposed of without harm to the environment;
4. Little pollution, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable;
5. Ceramic Filter Plate is long service life, easily replaced and doesn’t require intensive labor work;
6. Dewatering cost is normally 18.8-40.1% of that of traditional filters;
7. Automatic and continuous operation, low maintenance cost, high filtration efficiency;
8. Lower metal loss and higher metal recovery;
Application area:
VCDFs are widely used in the beneficiation of such ore concentrates as Iron ores, Gold, Copper, Copper Sulfide, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Quartz Sand, and Fluorite. A complete and up-to-date customers list will be provided upon request.
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Beijing Sheng Nuo Industrial Mining Technology Company Limited
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