Desktop servo press

Desktop servo press
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Label:Desktop servo press , Small servo press , Intelligent digital
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Product Description

Desktop servo press/Small servo press 500kg to 20000kg

1. Six-stage speed precision press fitting;

2. Online quality judgment of press fitting;

3. Display of press-fit curve;

4. Seven types of press-fit modes for selection;

5. 100 sets of press-fit programs can be set;

6. Press fitting data transmission and storage

7: six-stage speed of stroke: fast forward, detection, working progress, working progress

2, working progress

3, pressure holding Second, high-precision press-fit mode The servo press machine can accurately control the speed, position, and pressure of the press fit; set multiple press fit programs, including constant press fit speed, setting the exact position to stop, setting the exact force to stop, setting the exact press fit displacement to stop, and other work modes, making it easy to complete two or more sections of press fit work requirements; within the stroke, the exact position of the machine can be set freely without using expensive precision molds to ensure the accuracy of the press fit; the position repeatability accuracy is ±0.01mm, and the pressure control accuracy is ±1% of the rated pressure. Online press-fit quality inspection meets the quality control and data management requirements throughout the press-fit process After the completion of the operation, all the operation settings, result data, and pressure displacement curves can be displayed on the human-machine interface of the servo press machine, effectively controlling the quality of interference fit, while meeting the requirements of traceability management, detection, and removal of defective products to avoid greater losses. At the same time, it can also help optimize process technical parameters and design; ◆ When exposed to force, it has the function of checking the position at that time. Determine whether the workpiece is present and the direction is correct; It can detect pressure and sample various pressure values (maximum, incremental, and other values) within any press fit displacement range, thereby determining whether the set quality control conditions are met; ◆ It is capable of detecting pressure and position at the termination position and determining whether it meets the quality control conditions set for the termination position. Automatic compensation accuracy meets the precision assembly requirements under specific working conditions For the requirements of precision pressure assembly between workpieces with extreme accuracy tolerance, and for the requirements of the influence of frame deformation on precision pressure assembly, servo press-fit has a unique solution. That is, software automatic compensation, system dynamic compensation, or external trigger stop function. Fourth, the advantages of equipment application: The high-precision feature of accurate pressure and displacement full closed-loop control is unmatched by other types of presses; compared to traditional pneumatic and hydraulic presses, the energy-saving effect is over 80%, and it is more environmentally friendly and safer, meeting the requirements for equipment use in dust-free workshops; the full-process curve diagram of press-fit force and displacement can be displayed on a liquid crystal display; the full-process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified at any stage during the operation, and 100% real-time removal of defective products, thus achieving online quality management; press-fit force, press-in depth, press-fit speed, holding time, etc. can all be numerically input on the operation panel with a friendly interface and simple operation; 100 sets of press-fit programs can be customized, stored, and called up by themselves; seven press-fit modes are available to meet your different process requirements; by connecting to a computer through an external port, the press-fit data can be stored in the computer to ensure the traceability of product processing data, facilitating production quality control management; due to the machine's inherent accurate pressure and displacement control function, there is no need to add hard limits on the tooling, and different press-fit programs can be called up when processing different specifications of products, thus enabling easy multi-use and flexible assembly line. The maximum output is 100 kg to 20 tons, and the maximum stroke is 20 mm to 1200 mm, which can be freely matched. 1. Automotive industry: engine component press fitting (cylinder head, cylinder liner, oil seal, etc.), steering gear component press fitting (gear, pin shaft, etc.), transmission shaft component press fitting, bushing press fitting, transmission component press fitting, gearbox component press fitting, brake disc component press fitting, etc. 2. Motor industry: micro-motor component press fitting (spindle, housing, etc.) and motor component press fitting (bearings, etc.). 3. Electronics industry: circuit board component press-fit (inserts, etc.), electronic component press-fit. 4. Home appliance industry: home appliance parts press fitting, home appliance parts riveting, etc. 5. Machinery industry: mechanical component press fitting, automated assembly line, wear parts life testing, etc. 7. Hydrogen fuel cell industry: stack assembly, membrane electrode hot pressing shaping 6. Other industries: other occasions that require precise CNC press fit displacement and press fit force.

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