Single Needle Lockstitch with Edge Trimmer Device

Single Needle Lockstitch with Edge Trimmer Device
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Product Description

Splitting rod is a new type of cylinder hydraulic splitter in hole. Crushing belongs to hydraulic static blasting. The rock is first drilled and then the static load is applied to the hole wall to break or break the rock.

Splitting rod structure: mainly consists of one or more splitting rods, a hydraulic power station, a set of high and low pressure hydraulic connecting pipe and quick connector.

Principle of splitting rod: the high pressure oil output from the ultra-high pressure oil pump station (120MP-150) drives the cylinder to produce a huge driving force (2500-3500 tons), and pushes the active piston on the splitting rod to move outward, so that the acting force produced by the piston is used for the hole wall of the split body, and the rock cracks in the predetermined direction under the huge force.

Application field of splitting rod:

Mining: mining of stone: granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and so on. Mining of metallic or non-metallic minerals.

Engineering field: municipal foundation, widely used in urban construction. Earthwork excavation: road and bridge, building, foundation, reinforced concrete demolition and other projects. Tunnel excavation projects: subway, cu erts, mines, underground pipelines, river treatment and other projects.

Advantages of splitting rod:

Safety: Controllable work in static hydraulic environment will not produce some hidden dangers like blasting and other impact demolition and drilling equipment. No complex security measures are required.

Environmental protection: no vibration, impact, noise, dust, flying chips and so on. The surrounding environment will not be affected, even in a densely populated area or indoor, and near sophisticated equipment, can work without interference.

Economy: The expansion process can be completed in seconds, and can work continuously without interruption (even in bad weather such as rainy weather), high efficiency, low operation and maintenance costs, and no need to take isolation or other time-consuming and expensive approval measures like blasting operations.

Accuracy: Different from most traditional dismantling methods and equipment, the splitting rod can accurately determine the expansion direction, expansion shape and required output size in advance, with high expansion accuracy.

Applicability: humanized shape design and durable structure design, ensure that its use method is simple and easy to learn, only two people to operate, convenient maintenance, long service life.

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