SUNTES Friction plate

SUNTES Friction plate
Model: DB-2021-B
Category:Industrial Supplies / Other Industrial Supplies
Label:SUNTES Friction plat , Friction plat , SUNTES
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Product Description

SUNTES brakes, and brake, SUNTES clamp and SUNTES clutch friction plate SUNTES brake SUNTES, SANYANG brakes, brake Sanyang, SUNTES Sumitomo brake brake brake SUMITOMO SUMITOMO SUMITOMO clutch brake clutch SUMITOMO Sumitomo Brakes

Neocaridina machinery distributor in China, Shanghai

Japanese Shoji Co., Ltd. Suntes SANYANG SANYO SHOJI CO LTD established in 1960, Japan's leading manufacturer of brake products have a series of brakes, clamp and test machines and other products.
SANYO hydraulic disc brake
Pneumatic Disc Brake
Sanyo SANYO clamp
Sanyo Suntes Clutch
Sanyo Shoji torque release device
Torque Releasers

Common Model:
DB-2008 DB-2021-B DB-2021S DB-2051 DB-3002A-1 DB-3002A-2 DB-3003A-1

DB-3003A-2 DB-3004A DB-3005A DB-3004M DB-3005M DB-3004H DB-3005H

DB-3004H-101 DB-3010AF-01 DB-3010AF-02 DB-3010AF-03 DB-3010AF-04

DB-3010A-2 DB-3010A-132 DB-3010A-3 DB-3010A-4 DB-3010A-5 DB-3012A-2

DB-3012A-3 DB-3012A-4 DB-3012A-5 DB-3020AF-01 DB-3020AF-02 DB-3020AF-03 DB-3020AF-04 DB-3020A-2 DB-3020A-3 DB-3020A-4 DB-3020A-5 DB-3032AF-01 DB-3032AF-02 DB-3032AF-03 DB-3032A-01 DB-3032A-11 DB-3033AF-01 DB-3033AF-02 DB-3033AF-03 DB-3033A-01

DB-3033A-11 DB-3034A-2-01 DB-3034A-3-01 DB-3034A-4-01 DB-3034A-5-01

DB-3035AW-3 DB-3035AW-4 DB-3035AW-5 DB-3037A DB-3038AF-01

DB-3038AF-02 DB-3038AF-03 DB-3038AF-04 DB-3038A-01 DB-3038A-11 DB-3038A-21 DB-3039A-01 DB-3039A-11 DB-3039A-21 DB-3010AF DB - 3020AF
DB-3032AF DB-3033AF DB-3038AF DB-3039AF DBF-103 DBF-104 DBF-105
DBF-106 DBF-107 DBF-108 DBF-203 DBF-204 DBF-205 DBF-206 DBF-207

DBF-208 DBF-209 DB-4010EF DB-4011EF DB-4020EF DB-4021EF DB-4133EF
DB-4143EF DB-4154EF DB-4155EF DB-4134EFT DB-4144EFT DB-4154EFT
DB-3020A-5 DB-0433-K01E DB-3223A DB-3223A-02 DB-3223A-03 DB-3233A
DB-3233A-100 DB-3246A DB-3246A-01 DB-3256A DB-2334 DB-5244AF DB-2413 DB-2415 DB-5043YF DB-5045YF DB-3045Y DB-3060Y DB-3055YF
DB-3055YFW power: AP-2403

Friction plate: DB-0400-K DB-0405-K DB-0428-K DB-0429-K DB-0430-K DB-0431-K
DB-0433-K DB-0435-K DB-0454-K01 DB-0454-K02 DB-0454-K03 DB-0455-K01
DB-0455-K02 DB-0455-K03

SUNTES Friction plate 1

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