High Frequency Welding H-beam Huaxia Xin

High Frequency Welding H-beam Huaxia Xin
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Huaxia Xin Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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High-frequency welding thin-walled H-beam production line equipment, high-frequency welding H-beam using Japanese technology and management system and professional team, specializing in the production of various specifications of high-frequency welding H-beam, domestic level, high-frequency H-beam design annual production capacity of 60,000 tons. With the wide application of high frequency welding H-beam technology in China, the equipment and technology are more perfect, and the quality of high frequency H-beam products has been greatly improved.

Thin-walled H-section steel is mainly used in: Chinese-European-American-Japanese-Korean type houses, through the seismic testing of Tongji University, the buildings are intact after 8 degree earthquake; steel structure factory house villas; three-dimensional garage; steel structure house; underground tunnel, bridge bracket; various venues, greenhouses and so on. High-frequency welding H-section steel brief introduction; High-frequency H-section steel, using the two characteristics of high-frequency current "table effect" and "proximity effect", through contact conduction, the two contacts are placed in the channel of the lowest impedance of the welded material to flow through, that is, all current flows from the V-shaped opening formed by the upper and lower flange and web to make V-shaped opening flow. The welding power at the zigzag opening is relatively concentrated, and the welding power of H-beam is relatively small.

The technical characteristics of high frequency welding H-section steel are: (1) fast welding speed, up to 18-45m/min; (2) small heat effect, easy to control H-section steel deformation; (3) H-section steel with different material combinations can be welded; (4) micro-tension production can be realized and welding stress can be reduced. Technical level: (1) high accuracy of cross-section size; (2) excellent cross-section performance; (3) cross-section size can be customized according to user requirements.

High Frequency H-section Steel Department: Contact: Manager Tang's Mobile Phone: 152 2222 5611

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