Dynamic calciner for active zinc oxide

Dynamic calciner for active zinc oxide
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Active zinc oxide is mainly used for the rubber, chemical, pharmaceutical, animal husbandry and other industries. Zinc prices by grade, size, color, activity indicators, such as decisions. Wet production of zinc oxide known as active zinc oxide, whether from whiteness of granularity, is also grade, active zinc oxide are higher than pyrometallurgical production of zinc oxide. Whether it is wet or Pyro, finally to the burning process. Most of the process is zinc carbonate after filter press dewatering, the cake into the dryer and drying into powder and then into the dynamic calciner burning, factoring out the CO2 gas, products for highly active zinc oxide.   Manual operation producing zinc oxide calcined furnace in the past, the problems are: environmental indicators do not meet national standards, structure is unreasonable, intensive, product loss. Name: using dynamic dryer with combined process of calcining furnace equipment, can produce high-activity, high-purity zinc oxide.   Zinc oxide Flash drying and calcining furnaces with energy-saving, environmental and pollution-free, high recycling efficiency, covers an area of small, high degree of automation, the advantages of the product quality is stable. Works: by dynamic calciner burning material production tail gas after entering at the Pasteur dryer, 30~50% filter cake moisture content by the feeder State of zinc carbonate into the dryer, after machinery breaks into powder mixed with high airflow, remove moisture.   Re-entry into the dynamic calcining furnace, 500~900℃ hot-air heating, zinc carbonate powder with a few seconds to quickly break off CO2 gas into zinc oxide, decomposition of zinc oxide by Catcher into silos.  Features: 1. quick decomposition temperature uniformity, can realize high-activity, high-purity zinc oxide production, active >50, >98% purity.  2. can be used by the filter cake form zinc carbonate production powdered zinc oxide in a single system.  3. production of tons of products heat 150~200x104kcal/tons.   4. environmental pollution-free, covers an area of small, easy maintenance operation, high degree of automation. 5. recovery >99% specifications: zinc oxide production models within a single series of 1000, 2000, 3,000, 5,000, 6,000 tons/year.
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