Shanghai off-the-shelf Inconel600 high temperature alloy

Shanghai off-the-shelf Inconel600 high temperature alloy
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Label:Inconel600 , Nickel base alloy , UNS6600
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Product Description

 Inconel600 (UNS6600)

> > Inconel600 (UNS6600)

Inconel600 description of characteristics and application areas:

The alloy is nickel - chromium - iron base alloy solid solution strengthening, has good resistance to high temperature corrosion and oxidation resistance, excellent hot and cold processing and welding performance, under 700 ℃ has satisfactory thermal strength and high plasticity. Alloy can be reinforced by cold work, also can use resistance welding, welding or soldering connection, suitalbe for making under 1100 ℃ under low load of antioxidant components

Inconel600 similar grades:

GH600 NC15FE (China) (France), W.N r. 2.4816 NiCr15Fe (Germany) NA14 (UK)

Inconel600 chemical composition:

Iron nickel cobalt Co Cr Ni Cr alloy nameplate % Fe Nb Nb Ta Ta C C Mn Mn Si Si S S P P titanium aluminum copper Cu Al Ti

Inconel600 minimum 14 6.0

72 17 largest 10.0 1.0 0.15 1.0 0.5 0.015 0.04 0.5 0.35 0.50

Inconel600 properties:

G/cm3 density lambda / ℃ melting point thermal conductivity (W/m ℃), specific heat, J/kg ℃, the elastic modulus of GPa GPa resistivity mu Ω shear modulus, linear expansion coefficient of the a/m poisson's ratio 10-6 ℃ - 1

8.43 13701430 12.85 1.05 0.34 12.35 (100 ℃), 435, 205, 76 (20 ~ 100 ℃)

Inconel600 mechanical properties: (in 20 ℃ test mechanical properties of the minimum)

Heat treatment way sigma b/MPa tensile strength and yield strength sigma p0.2 / MPa elongation sigma 5 / % brinell hardness HBS

Solid solution treatment 30, 585, 240, 217 or more

Inconel600 production standards:

Standard rod forgings board (belt) wire tube


The American association of materials and test ASTM B166 ASTM B166 ASTM B168 ASTM B166 ASTM B167ASTM B163ASTM B516ASTM B517

U.S. aerospace material specification AMS 5665 AMS 5665 AMS 5540 AMS 5687 AMS 5580

The American society of mechanical engineers ASME SB166 ASME SB166 ASTM SB168 ASME SB166 ASME SB167ASTM SB163ASTM SB516ASTM SB517

Inconel600 metallographic organization structure:

The alloy 2 h at 1120 ℃ treatment, only TiN, nitride and carbide Cr7C3 type, in the 870 ℃, 870 ℃ after aging for a long time, in the organization is still a Cr7C3 and TiN, show that the alloy tissue is stable.

Inconel600 process performance and requirements:

The alloy has good thermal performance, ingot forging heating temperature 1110 ℃ ~ 1140 ℃. 2, the grain size of alloy, average size and the degree of the deformation of the forging, finish forging temperature are closely related. 3, alloy has good welding performance, can the original electric arc welding, argon arc welding, resistance welding and brazing of various methods, such as connection, large or complex welding structure in the solution should be 1 h at 870 ℃ annealing after welding, in order to eliminate the welding stress. 4, alloy would take machining after heat treatment, due to the strain hardening material, so appropriate USES than processing low alloy

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