Machine grease

Machine grease
Brand:And sincere
Origin:Made In China
Category:Metallurgy , Mining & Energy / Energy / Lubricant
Label:Machine grease , Instrument oil , Precision instrument
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Product Description

Machine grease lubrication materials from cheng limited production.

Product description: movement grease

Movement is 6033 - the HP grease, it is by local lithium base thickener thickening low resistivity oil, and the synthesis of a oxidation resistance, corrosion and corrosion resistance of additives and refined temperature and low torque grease.
This contact grease designed for low current and low contact pressure of micro-motor brush and commutator lubrication, can reduce the noise and stable working current, prolong life of commutator and brush.

Features: movement grease

1. Excellent high/low-temperature property and oxidation resistance, tiny low starting torque,
2 oil film high strength, low friction coefficient, can significantly reduce brush and commutator wear,
3 volume resistivity is small, can increase effective contact area, reduce the contact resistance and temperature,
4 excellent rust corrosion properties, containing copper antioxidants, which can effectively prevent copper oxide.

Machine grease note:

1, fatliquoring former must ensure clean and dry, with fat part in uniform coverage contact a thin layer of oil film is preferred; evenly
2, the product see light color, does not affect the use, For plastic parts, use should be made before the compatibility tests.

Grease a product movements:
Oil, grease, meter movement precision apparatus, meter, micro-motor fat, instrument grease, micro-motor bearing grease, micro motors, micro motor oil, lubricating oil, instrumentation, micro-motor fan motor bearing grease, bearing grease, motor, clocks oil etc.

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