Honeybee Heavy duty CNC Cutting Machine

Honeybee Heavy duty CNC Cutting Machine
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Product Description

Honeybee Gantry CNC Cutting Machine is a kind of automatic cutting equipment which is combined CNC system, precise mechanical drive and air cutting technology. It is widely applied to manufacture and cutting steel field, such as, the ship building industry, steel construction, construction machinery, mining machinery, pressure vessel and vehicle, petrochemical, etc.



CNC cutting machine can cut easily-oxidized metal, such as mild steel, carbon steel 3~200 mm with common precision. It is a method of cutting ferrous metals in which the metal is heated by a torch to about 800 degree and is oxidized by a stream of oxygen from the torch.

CNC Plasma Cutting can cut both hardly-oxidized metal and easily-oxidized, such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium, zinc 1~60mm. Actually, CNC plasma cutting system is CNC + plasma power supply. It is a process that is used to cut steel and other metals using a plasma torch. In this process, an inert gas (in some units, compressed air) is blown at high speed out of a nozzle; At the same time an electrical arc is formed through that gas from the nozzle to the surface being cut, turning some of that gas to plasma. The plasma is sufficiently hot to melt the metal being cut and moves sufficiently fast to blow molten metal away from the cut.

Flame / Plasma Cutting Machine Features:
1. Machine design simple.
2. Bench-gantry structure, welding after the vibration aging treatment to eliminate stress, so that in the long-term use of no deformation.
3. All mechanical drive system using rolling bearings and precision machining accuracy as 6 GB of precision gears mesh with the rack
4. Planetary reduce drive system, its input and output error of only 16 arc minutes, at the same time, in the horizontal and vertical structure of the gear drive, an increase of automatic clearance compensation device so that it can accurately drive the structure of the implementation of the directives issued by the CNC.
5. Take the initiative to end beam: Vertical track for the introduction of automatic clamping device-oriented structure and there is no eccentric clamping structure, relying on automatic detachable power-oriented structure to make it two. In the track combined with the smooth running of the department will not have a wheel clamp tight or lax-phenomenon.
6. All the equipment look to see, such as steel, screws, using black or chrome handle.
7. Spray machine to use more advanced types of paint, the color demand on users.


The machine includes the cross beam, trolley, longitudinal rails, CNC system, moving system and electric system, etc. You can choose the different CNC system, Honeybee CNC system, Vup CNC system, USA Hypertherm CNC system. Support USA Hypertherm, Thermadyne and Kjellberg plasma power sources. For the driving mode, if the track span is less than 4m, the Gantry CNC Cutting Machine is single drive, if over 4m, it is double drives. In order to ensure the stability of machine under rapidly runnning, we use the heavy trolley for the Gantry Cutting Machine which equiped Hyperformance plasma power sources or its track span over 6 meters. With automatic correction function to keep the long-term working precision.




Standard Model List of the Gantry CNC Cutting Machine,



Track Span(m)








Rail length(m)








Every the length of rail is 2m, Can be lengthened according to Users demand.

Torch No.

2 oxy-fuel torches as standard. Torch quantity can be customized.

1 plasma torch. Double plasma torches can be customized.

Max cutting Area








Cutting thickness

2-64mm Depends on plasma power capacity (Plasma)

Driving Mode

Single driving

Dual driving

CNC system

Hypertherm controller or ESAB or VUP

Program software

Australia FastCAM professional edition

Speed Range


Cutting gas

Oxygen+acetylene/Propane; plasma cutting gas depends on plasma model


Oxy-fuel: Auto-ignition, Auto THC, Powder marking, Linear Triple Torches;

Plasma: Auto THC.



Applictions of the plamsa /flame CNC cutting machines:





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