Milk paste

Milk paste
Origin:Made In China
Category:Apparel & Fashion / Underwear / Camisole & Lingerie
Label:Milk paste , fashion
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Product Description

Silicone invisible chest paste swimming, wearing Toushi Zhuang, halter, tight-fitting equipment, evening dress, especially for wedding photo and personal use. Well-designed point of care ☆ ☆ charming features, extra protection of sensitive parts of a woman! ! Individually wrapped, easy to carry

Reused more than 250 times

Material: silicone imported from Germany

Style: plum, round

Color: color

Size: diameter 60mm, full coverage, the dew point is absolutely no embarrassment

Fashion, sexy, elegant and comfortable
This product is imported medical silicone, anti-sensitive biological agents and the international advanced production technology and refined, suitable for all skin types, non-allergic to human skin, no irritation. The nipple is rich in nerve endings, but also lose the most concentrated area of duct, women have an average of 10 hours a day to wear underwear, such as the code is too large to make the impact of physical appearance, or a size too small is bound chest, the nipple and areola oxygen is not enough, greatly affected the nipple and areola Nenhong color, breast health or even dangerous with a unique oxygen nipple stickers, the design of oxygen, both to cover the color of the nipple and areola, the nipple can fade bump, care nipple beautiful and healthy, it is women wearing thin, transparent, does not wear sexy fashion bra's running mate.

1, with the palm of one hand holding the cup, add a little warm water inside the cup and a small amount of neutral soap (do not use soap with nourishing cream);
Palm with the other hand draw a circle in the way of gentle wash. Note Do not use nails to avoid scratching the cup;
2, wash with soap and warm water and gently dump the excess water, dry the cup smooth outer surface;
3, please do not use a washing machine or a brush, fingertips, and any detergent, so that adhesive layer will cause permanent damage;
4 After cleaning, simply put it to a clean dry ventilated place, do not use toilet paper, towels and other cleaning, drying time to avoid excessive dust, dust attached to the surface. Note that the inside of the cup covered with a transparent lid save up until you can use.
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