compatible ultrasound probes

compatible ultrasound probes
Model:us probes
Origin:Made In China
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Transducer
Label:ultrasound probe , ultrasonic probe , ultrasound scanner
Price: US $1 / pc
Min. Order:1 pc
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Product Description

Brand Model Description PROBE Compatible Models No
ALOKA  UST -934N-3.5 3.5 MHz Convex SSD-500/ 620/ 625/650/1100
UST-944B 3.5 MHz Convex SSD-500/ 620/ 625/650/1100
SH-101 3.5 MHz Convex SSD-500/ 620/ 625/650/1100
GE  3.5C   Logiq3, Logiq5, Logiq7, Logiq9,Vivid7,P5
E8C   Logiq 7/9/3 Exp, Vivid 3/7
3Cb   Logiq200PRO
CBF   Logiq 200 / 200PRO
C36 3.5 MHz Convex LOGIQ 50/100/180
L39 3.5MHZ Linear LOGIQ 50/100/180
L76 7.5MHZ Linear LOGIQ 50/100/180
S317   Logiq 400 /500
TOSHIBA PVF-375MT   SSA-140A,270A,340A,350A
PVG-366M   SSA-220A
ULTRASONIX 5-2/C60    
ESAOTE(192) CA11 1.8 to 5.0 MHz convex AU3 / AU4 / AU5 / Megas / Caris
CA621 1.8 to 5.0 MHz convex  My Lab
CA421 1.8 to 5.0 MHz convex  My Lab
CA430E 1.8 to 5.0 MHz convex  Megas ES, Caris Plus, My Lab 
LA523 5.0-10MHz Linear Megas, Megas Caris Plus, My Lab 
EC123 4-9MHz Endocavity My Lab
PA230E 1.0-4.0 MHz cardiac sector Megas ES, Caris Plus, My Lab 
PHILIPS C5-2 5-2 MHz Convex HDI3500/4000/5000
L12-5 Linear HDI3500/4000/5000
P4-2 Array HDI3500/4000/5000
ACUSON CH5-2 2-5 MHz Convex G20\X150series all models
L10-5 Linear G20\X150series all models
L9-5 Linear G20\X150series all models
P4-2 Array G20\X150series all models
MEDISON C3-7ED 3-7MHz Convex SA-5500/6000C /8000
HITACHI EUP-C314T 3.5MHz Convex EUB-405/410/420/450/515
EUP-C314 3.5MHz Convex EUB-405/410/420/450/515
EUP-C314G 3.5MHz Convex EUB-405/410/420/450/515
EUP-L53 7.5MHZ Linear EUB-405/410/420/450/515
EUP-L54M 7.5MHZ Linear EUB-405/410/420/450/515
HONDA HCS-436M 3.5MHz Convex 2000series 
SHIMADZU VA57R-0375U 3.5MHz Convex  
MINDRAY    35C50HA 3.5MHz Convex DP-9900 DP-9900Plus
75L38HA 7.5MHZ Linear DP-9900 DP-9900Plus
65EC10HA 6.5MHZ Endocavity  DP-9900 DP-9900Plus
35C50EA 3.5MHz Convex DP-8800Plus DP-6600 DP-3300
35C50EB   DP-7700,DP-3300,DP-3300Vet,DP-2200,DP-1100 Plus
75L38EA   DP-8800Plus,DP-6600,DP-6600Vet
75L38EB   DP-7700,DP-3300,DP-3300Vet,DP-2200,DP-1100 Plus
65EC10EA 6.5MHZ Endocavity  DP-8800Plus DP-6600 DP-3300
65EC10EB   DP-7700,DP-3300,DP-3300Vet,DP-2200,DP-1100 Plus
SIUI JSH-21 3.5MHzLinear CTS-100A
EUZ-PL21 3.5MHzLinear CTS-200\200A\240A\280\305
EUZ-PC3A 3.5MHz Convex CTS-310B
EUZ-PC3B 3.5MHz Convex CTS-260\285\385\405\465
EUZ-PC3C 3.5MHz Convex CTS-280\285\385
EUZ-PC3D 3.5MHz Convex CTS-310B
V5F15 6.5MHZ Endocavity   
HAIYNG HY7208C3R60 3.5MHz Convex  
HY722C3R60 3.5MHz Convex  
HY7204C3R40 3.5MHz Convex  
HY7206C3R40 3.5MHz Convex  
SJN7211C1R40 3.5MHz Convex  
SJN7211L1A 3.5MHzLinear  
HY7209L3 3.5MHzLinear  
HY720L3 3.5MHzLinear  
EMP L7.5-80 7.5MHZ Linear EMP-860/EMP-1100
E6.5-80R10 6.5MHZ Endocavity  EMP-860/EMP-1100
SonoScape C344 3.5MHz Convex SonoScape5000
10L1 7.5MHZ Linear SonoScape5000
6V1 6.5MHZ Endocavity  SonoScape5000
CHISON C60    
BELSON C3560    
CONTEC C3.5-80R60(FS) 3.5MHz Convex  
E6.5-80R13(FS) 6.5MHZ Endocavity  
L7.5-80(FS) 7.5MHZ Linear  
A7.5-80(FS) 7.5MHZ Veterinary  
A5.0-80(FS) 5MHZ Veterinary  
R7.5-80(FS) 7.5MHZ Rectal  
C3.2-80R20(FS) 3.2MHZ Micro-Convex Probe  
L7.5-80(EMP) 7.5MHZ Linear  
E6.5-80R13(EMP) 6.5MHZ Endocavity  
C3.5-80R60S(156P) 3.5MHz Convex  
L7.5-80S(156P) 7.5MHZ Linear  
E6.5-80R13S(156P) 6.5MHZ Endocavity  
Welld C3.5-80R60 3.5MHz Convex
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