HDPE heavy-caliber hollow twines tube production line

HDPE heavy-caliber hollow twines tube production line
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Product Description

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Use and characteristic:
Our company successfully develops the hollow twines tube production line on the basis of fully absorbing and digesting the European technology, the tubing takes the high-density polyethylene as the main raw material,
After passing through the first extruding machine to squeeze out the rectangular pipe, it enters the twines shaper. At the same time the second extruding machine blows out the glue block, and then it extrusion bonds to become. Its  inter and outer wall is smooth, specification is¢ 200-2200mm. It can be divided into 4 ranks, according to the different use link rigidity, the highest may reach to 16KN/M2, can adapt acid and alkali liquid below 10%. This kind tubing has the merit of quality light, anti-corrosive, simple installment, high flow capacity, long life (for 50 years) and so on, may substitute the tubing made of high energy consumption material (cement, cast iron, ceramics etc.), it is widely used in the dumps pollutants pipeline on the field of highway, municipal administration construction, residential district, athletic field, square, mine, agriculture, culvert, bridge draining water, Technical parameter

Main Technical Parameter

1.Product specification (mm)
Ø200  Ø300  Ø400  Ø500  Ø600  Ø700  Ø800  Ø900  Ø1000
Above each specification divides two ranks, surrounds steelS1O 4KN/M2, S2 is 8KN/M2.

2.Extruding machine

main technical parameter SJ90Single screw rod extruding machine SJ65 Single screw rod extruding machine
Screw diameter (mm) Ø90 Ø65
Screw major axis ratio 32:1 30:1
Screw rotational speed (r/min) 120 120
Main electrical machinery power (kw) 110 45
Thermal rating (kw) 40 22
Greatest output (kg/h) 350 150

3. nose thermal rating 22kw Financial plastic nose, square nose.

4.the vacuum stereotypy box

The vacuum stereotypy box length 6000mm

Vacuum pump powe

water level automatic monitoring device        
water temperature constant temperature installment       
vacuum degree automatic control device      
front and back shift scope 600mm (electrically operated)
up and down, left and right move scope: ±50mm (manual)

5. tractor   above 20000N

6.、twines the shaper


Electrical machinery power:

11KW   1 3KW   2
Maximum production caliber: 1000mm

Twines the roller rotational speed


Spurts the rubber extruding machine can be moved about and around



Cuts the caliber scope: Ø200-Ø1000mm
Cuts the electrical machinery power: 3KW

8.Turns the turnplate

Uses in the tubing self-dumping (air operated turn over)  
Turns the material length: 6000mm


Disposition vacuum type automatic dry machine 2 sets
The cold water machine (compressor import fromUS) 2 sets


This machine has good man-machine interface
This machine uses the England European land velocity modulation, the Japanese Fuji frequency changer.
The electrical part completely uses the import part (circuit breaker, contact device from German Siemens; CPU from shell Calais, button from Shi Naide).
Entire machine uses shell Calais CPU programmable controller, middle uses the field bus control technology, makes correspondence length amount to 1.5 kilometers. The host screen can control and observe the whole system movement and parameter, the technology content achieves the international advanced level.

Note: In addition, it can produce 1200-2000mm, 2000-3000mm molding machine

HDPE heavy-caliber hollow twines tube production line 1HDPE heavy-caliber hollow twines tube production line 2

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